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The Endless Whining Of The Ungrateful Masses

When Oh When Will It Stop?

The Great Groaning Of 2020 started in March of that year and hasn’t yet ceased: That was when complaining became the world’s favourite new pastime, with seemingly no shortage of ways to claim victimhood: Lockdowns, masks, euthanasia, propaganda, QR code permits, travel zones, prohibition on normal human activity. The list was endless. The deafening cacophony of ungrateful masses was so infuriating that we were beginning to wonder why we’d bothered with lockdowns in the first place. But if that wasn’t enough, when Donald Trump’s Warp Speed CoVax appeared a year later the response was predictable: Anti Vaxers came out of the woodwork- bitching about mandates, travel restrictions, and the need to maintain their livelihoods; They claimed that the Vax was ineffective. On the contrary- The CoVax did exactly what it was designed to do, and was extremely effective, managing to remove vast hordes of unproductive masses from the face of the earth- And all with their willing participation- We offered the people martyrdom, and they accepted graciously. A minority, however, showed nothing but contempt for our efforts.

Excess Deaths


We live in an age where people feel the need to question everything; To observe patterns at first hand and then draw their conclusions without reference to a single qualified expert; Nothing is sacred these days. Words and phrases that were once the domain of academia are now finding their way into common parlance. Such is the case with “Excess Deaths”- A term used by actuaries and statisticians to express a “more than expected” percentage of deaths per head of population within a given region and time-frame when compared to average. As you might expect, this concept has become extremely popular- inspiring levels of wailing so loud that inhabitants of Dante’s Inferno might find unacceptable. In our age of enlightenment we have come to recognise such inclinations as as Far Right.

Is the current world-wide mortality rate far beyond what was seen as normal before 2020? Obviously. Is this a problem? Not if you’re a pragmatist. There are far too many people taking up space on this planet of ours and something needs to be done about it. Globalists are merely here to do what is necessary. The people have become too soft. Words such as “euthanasia” and “controlled speech” are scarcely mentioned lest we wound the sensibilities of the sentimentalists.

Chief Moaners


This Outrage Pandemic is not confined to any particular region; There are writers working in places as diverse as:

But fear not; These are but a small cadre of dissidents venting their rage in the belief that they can upset the Globalist apple cart. We can be confident that our side will be victorious, and so we can afford to amuse ourselves reading their little web-based articles whilst we are free to publish our chosen words on broadsheets, TV, radio, bus shelters and billboards the world over, thus controling the public sphere. Any dissenting material that sees the light of day will naturally be removed.

Our world is in a terrible mess and we’re here to clean it up.

Then and only then will the moaning stop.


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