The first expression of freedom is truth. We invite you to experience freedom from censorship, political correctness and indoctrination in any form. In the battle for the hearts and the minds of the Irish people we offer you the unfettered truth so you can freely make up your own mind.

You will find the truth about politics, medicine, science, academia and much more in the “Irish People.” We also welcome your stories and your contribution to the Irish People. Don’t you have a right to the truth? Do you wish to reveal or express truth? If so we invite you to enjoy the Irish People. The Irish people are entitled to the truth and so are you. Our desire is to make it your newspaper of first choice.

We make no bones about the fact that the “Irish People” needs you. If you are concerned about what is going on now in Ireland and the World you need the “Irish People” as much as it needs you.

This online newspaper is run entirely by volunteers who dedicate their time, their efforts, their talent and their passion for the truth to bring you the uncensored truth.

Our sole income comes from your support because we refuse to be compromised like all mainstream publications as a result of their dependence on advertising revenue.

Our model is simple. We will tell you the truth and reveal hidden truths for as long as you support us. We are in this together and with your support the truth will prevail. Any contribution you can make will help us to defray the cost of maintaining the Irish People’s online site and other expenses we incur. We are dependent on and grateful for your support.

Thank you from the volunteers of the Irish People

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