Tuesday, May 28, 2024
  By as early as June of 2020* we knew that contrary to what the scientifically illiterate might say, locking people into their homes, getting them to strap cloths onto their faces and depriving them of air and sunlight would save them from serious risk of death.   There. I said it. We...

Why we urgently need more lockdowns

  By as early as June of 2020* we knew that contrary to what the scientifically illiterate might say, locking people into their homes, getting them...
It's a question that is repeated ad nauseam since the end of World War II:   How could such an evil man bring a vast population under his spell? How could he be allowed to order the butchering and experimentation of Jews, the handicapped, gypsies, Marxists and dissenters? Let us explore the breath-taking suppositions that are buried within these questions. To begin with, we must look at the thought processes of...
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Donaldson the First of Many Sex Abuse Dominos About to Fall

Holier than thou Jeffrey Donaldson a bastion of Northern Irelands Unionist establishment, leader of the DUP and Westminster MP for Lagan Valley has been...

Sinn Fein’s Terrified Hate Speech U Turn

The Government’s draconian hate-speech bill wasn’t strong enough for Sinn Fein. They wanted it expanded to give the undocumented illegals special protection under the...

Illness Is The New Black

Is Illness really all that bad?   Sickness is traditionally reviled as having zero upsides. In our state of malaise, we are impugned to “grin and...

Tranny Dancer now competes against girls in the jigs, reels and hornpipes

Has Irish dancing gone to hell? A girls under-14 Irish dancing contest held in Dallas, Texas organised by grandly sounding Irish dancing’s governing body...

Happy Easter to Irish Republicans

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU3jSD1isbs&ab_channel=IrishRepublicanBrotherhood The management and staff of the Irish People wish all our readers a very happy Easter. Easter in Ireland has been celebrated since the...

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It’s Finally Time To Get Rid Of Women.

Harvey Milk of the Tikkun Olam Department of Love & Kindness (which incorporates all of the mainstream political parties in Ireland) talked to the Globalist Gazette about...



Canadian province no longer permits doctors to mutilate children

Outrage as children now barred from having body parts removed. Worldwide outrage follows at the draconian measures announced by the Canadian legislature of Alberta, Canada.   Premier Danielle Smith declared unambiguously that...

The Committee Of Public Safety 😊

Question: If you wanted to start an organisation to behead a lot of people you didn’t like- what would you call it? The Committee For Head...

If This Act is Enforced, We Will All Be “Far Right” Criminals

The proposed Irish Law criminalizing “Hate Speech” is way beyond scary. If the authorities could read your mind you would go to jail. In...

Elon Musk Vows to Challenge the Irish Hate-Speech Bill in Court, He Will Fund Citizens’ Legal Fees

lon Musk speaks at the Viva Technology conference in Paris, France, June 16, 2023. (Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters ) By DAVID ZIMMERMANN January 23, 2024 Bottom of Form Elon Musk...






“Fruitface ™” technology will save lives

Novel tech sends shockwaves through medical community. "8th November 2023 will be remembered as the day when everything changed.”   “We now have an unbeatable weapon against the ravages of disease and aging."...

King Charles speaks of the “Dreadful Business” in Gaza

The Globalist Gazette is delighted to present HRH King Charles III of England, Scotland, Wales and Elsewhere who spoke at The Royal Splendid Institute’s...

An underground greenhouse for year round growing

If eating Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Year Round is important to You and Your Family, you might consider building an Underground Greenhouse. It will...


The Military Industrial Complex will keep us entertained. People forget the vital role that the arms industry plays in preventing our young men from sliding...




The Peterloo Massacre

A bloody outrage known as The Peterloo Massacre took place in what is now St Peter's Square, Manchester, England on the 16th of August 1819. 60,000 peaceful pro-democracy and...

British Police Officer Offends Every Lesbian On The Planet

West Yorkshire Police must not be allowed to get away with this. In a stunning development a British Police Officer has caused massive outrage amongst...

E codes in food industry

❗️‼️ ⚠️ E Codes: 1. Harmless additives: E100, E101, E103, E104, E105, E111, E121, E126, E130, E132, E140, E151, E152, E160, E161, E162, E170, E174, E175,...


Electroculture is the ancient practice of increasing yields by using certain materials to "harvest" the earth's atmospheric energy. This technique has been "resurrected" several...






Sexual Exploitation of Children

TUSLA The Child Protection Agency Facilitates Sexual Exploitation of Children in Their Care An explosive paper published by University College Dublin last week entitled “The Protecting Against Predators study” in...


People are understandably riveted in astonishment and outrage at RTE’s opening episode of ‘Tubridy the Soap Opera”. This TV drama to be serialised starts with...

They Are Coming for You

The corrupt politicians, government officials, and mainstream media, instead of working for the people, facilitate the invasion of our country with unvetted and fake...

RTE’s Bias and Corruption Can’t Be Allowed to Continue

RTE has for many years used Irish taxpayer’s money to promote blatant bias against the unborn child, Christianity, traditional family values and free speech. Now...




Joy and Laughter Are Outlawed in Ireland

Puritanism returns to Ireland as Anti-Hate-Speech Law gets an oppressive upgrade. Oliver Cromwell would be delighted and proud of the activities of the Leinster House regimes Minister for Justice...