People are understandably riveted in astonishment and outrage at RTE’s opening episode of ‘Tubridy the Soap Opera”. This TV drama to be serialised starts with an opening plot containing an outrageous and secret under handed scandal using a UK Barter account to make undisclosed money payments to Tubridy invisible. The drama starring Ryan Tubridy and Dee Forbes has a cast of hundreds of yes-men and yes-women including a motley cast of multiple other genders identified by the pronouns of their choice. The story is spread over decades with the activities of overpaid, self-important, sniding RTE coke sniffing mouthpieces relentlessly lecturing their audience about their moral shortcomings.

The story is dramatized with revelations of dirty deals concealing tax payer funded slush funds greasing the greedy, grimy palms of RTE’s ‘self-proclaimed stars’ who constantly ‘spin’ any lies their paymasters tell them to inflict on the Irish people. If this is not a melodrama based on media prostitution, one wonders what is it?

Criminal Buffoons

This RTE blockbuster is a worthy distracting side show designed to keep your mind off the horrors of the country being planted with the dregs of the earth masquerading as refugees.

The plot takes on a sense of unreality where it shows Ireland or part of it being run by a bunch of multi gender Leinster House criminal buffoons as the real power players behind the antics of RTE with the so called national broadcaster in their pocket while both sides scratch each other’s backs or elsewhere while in pursuit of the same globalist agendas of national destruction on behalf of their globalist masters.

Politically Induced Obscenity

With the backdrop of the politically induced obscenity of homeless, and with people scared to use overpriced electricity to cook or stay warm, RTE’s ‘top mouthpieces’ further heighten the drama demanding obscene salaries – while getting hundreds of thousands MORE under the table all paid for by struggling tax payers trying to make ends meet.

Wannabee Celebs’ and Spineless Executives

The entire drama centres largely around RTE’s Friday-night Late Late Show – containing saccharine sick interviews with fellow RTÉ ‘wannabee celebs’, pushing the latest woke idiocy, transgenderism or selling their vanity book. This is the weakest part of the drama’s script with the question of whether its presenters or indeed anybody in RTE is worth an annual salary of hundreds of thousands of Euros with slush funds of fringe benefits? The script subtly hints that cocaine must be running the whole place which the actors ably imply in the subtext.

Blatant Blackmail

The drama comes to an unlikely dramatic climax with RTE’s self-proclaimed “wannabee stars” demanding that the broadcaster ‘Pay up or we’ll dump you for the BBC, ITV, CNN or some other broadcaster’ in a blatant ‘blackmail’ demand to what is portrayed as RTE’s spineless executives. “Let them go and good riddance yells protestors outside RTE’s main entrance. There is far better talent in Ireland that never gets an airing. Let’s see how long they last in a bigger swamp elsewhere” they chant. This opening episode closes with revelations of underhand payments with more to come, in the first of a series of what is expecting to be a riveting if overpriced long running TV drama.



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