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They Are Coming for You

The corrupt politicians, government officials, and mainstream media, instead of working for the people, facilitate the invasion of our country with unvetted and fake refugees. This leads to the destruction of our national fabric, our freedom, safety, culture, heritage, and lifestyle. They are intent on creating an artificial economic collapse. This is based on a massive migrant population increase, global warming, the war in Ukraine, fake food shortages, the destruction of our livestock with the plan to feed us with insects and 3D printed meat as food. They are also creating gender and LGBT craziness, including child sexualisation and paedophilia. This is a national and world population reduction scam. There is no overpopulation. Humans occupy only 4% of the planet.
Behind this are the same people who pushed the COVID agenda and killer vaccination, with the intended consequence of taking more and more lives every day in their murderous agenda.
They control the politicians who are now taking our basic right to freedom of speech, and punish and shut us up us for expressing our opinions. We elected those politicians to serve us and not the global genocidal agenda, but they have become our traitors and herdsmen.
Ireland, wake up while you still can!

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