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It’s Finally Time To Get Rid Of Women.

Harvey Milk of the Tikkun Olam Department of Love & Kindness (which incorporates all of the mainstream political parties in Ireland) talked to the Globalist Gazette about the realisation of an ancient dream:

Erasing women.

“Please don’t get us wrong. Since the dawn of time woman has indeed been a marvellous concept; Lovely in so many ways her greatest value to us was being the primary generator of “Production Modules” (Our new term for what used to be known as “humans”). Globalism is extremely grateful to woman for her participation thus far, but it’s time for a change.”

So, why are we phasing women out?

“We’ve been working for a long time towards reclassifying humans. Our scheme works in two ways: First we get humans to reclassify themselves. This is done by encouraging them to ask all kinds of questions like: Am I really a boy? How do I know I’m not a walrus? etc. The second is to provide them with a menu of answers that is simply jaw-dropping in length and complexity. Over time we will get PMs to choose all kinds of different options that will allow us to phase out standard terms like “man”, “woman”, “boy” and “girl”- but we’re starting with women as they’re the primary source of new PMs and we need to remove mothers from the concept of “family”.

Make way for the “mother-free” family.

We’re over the moon that the Irish government is so devoted to our scheme that we hardly even need to ask them to come up with ideas. They’re the Golden Standard for all others to emulate. That’s why on March 8th they are holding a referendum where all current Standard Production Modules (formerly referred to as “humans”) residing in District 0012 (formerly known as “Ireland”) will decide whether they wish to come fully on board with our new world order, or to cling on to the dinosaur concepts of love, family, humanity, contentment, happiness etc. We’re sticking with the term “family” for now- We’re even promoting it in the referendum to get the Yes side over the line. Eventually that outmoded term will have to go too. We’re hoping that District 0012 will be successful the first time around and that we don’t have to ask a second time like we did with the Lisbon Treaty in 2009. District 0012 folk can be such teasers! We would like to wish everyone a Happy Production Module Day on March 8th, and the best of luck to the District 0012 (“Irish”) Uniparty.”

District 0012: Formerly known as “Ireland”


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