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Editorial We have Received Recognition

Attacks on the Irish People newspaper, irishpeople.ie from controlled opposition have been relentlessly on social media over the last week. We take this as a great compliment to our media impact in the short time of only two months since our launch. The attacks on us have come from a number of sources claiming to be on our side of the war on humanity. So how do we know they are controlled opposition rather than patriots like they claim to be. The answer to that is simple. They never query or attack RTE, the Irish Independent, the Irish Times or the Irish Examiner to mention but a few. Aren’t they the main globalist propaganda machines in Ireland today?

A People Starving for Truth

Instead they focus all their attention on the fledgling Irish People barely two months in existence. Their relentless attacks took a great deal of time and effort on their part. That’s unexpected recognition at this early stage of our existence and it makes us extremely proud. The rate at which our readership took off astonished us and upset them. As it soared into the thousands we were speechless.

We were brought down to earth very quickly by being told “It’s not about you the ‘Irish People’. It’s about the people of Ireland’s thirst for the truth. They have been starved of truth for so long.” We are proud of the Irish people and their thirst for the truth. Our fervent aim is to satisfy that thirst and to continue satisfying it. We will continue to publish the truth in the Irish People and the more we are attacked the more encouraged we will be. For those attacks are indications of our success, so bring it on.


irishpeople.ie is our first weapon of truth. It is your weapon of truth. We invite you to use it by writing the truth in it, by reading it, by discussing it, by making suggestions to improve it and by introducing it to your friends and the widest possible audience. Think of it as your paper and as your weapon of truth.

It has taken off to a great success and you can make it more successful in the future. Readership for all the papers in the mainstream is sinking like a stone. Our readership is soaring like a rocket. Admittedly we started from zero but with your active support in all the ways suggested we intend to grow and grow until we dominate the Irish readership at home and abroad. That is because there is a hunger in all our hearts for the truth.

The Sky is the Limit

Our radio station is coming to you next. For now continue supporting irishpeople.ie in every way you can. Send it as a gift to your friends in Ireland and worldwide. Tell us what is happening and we will print it. Write for it and help us to expose the media and government propaganda and lies. Let us turn the Irish People into a beacon of truth in a world of lies. Support it financially if you can. Every cent counts except we have none to count right now. Help us to put that right if you can.

The Irish People is run entirely by volunteers who receive no wages or remuneration of any kind for their time and efforts. Despite that it still costs money to keep it online and to promote it to a larger audience. This is your chance to make a difference, and turn the tide, by uniting with purpose, yes, uniting with purpose, and then, by getting the truth out to Ireland and the world by supporting irishpeople.ie  Thank you.


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