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Why Revive the Irish People Now?

The mainstream media today won’t tell you the truth in relation to medicine, politics or indeed any other subject.

Journalism as a profession has either completely sold out or has been bought or cowered into obedient compliance to a single narrative of deceit and downright lies.

Indeed the very word ‘profession’ is now just an expression of the elitist narrative. All professions from science to medicine and even religion have sold out on the people and instead they have become mouthpieces for the globalist elite’s agenda. When medicine, science and academia can tell you with a straight face that there are more than two genders and demand that you believe it, it’s time for a new voice that will tell you that you haven’t gone mad.

Convincing you that there are more than two genders is the first step in attempting to alter your perception of reality. The media’s requirement that you conform to their ‘Politically Correct’ rules of communication is designed to prevent you from questioning their narrative. Violation of that would leave you open to hysterical accusations of all kinds and being labelled as ‘Far Right’, a racist or some other form of an odious degenerate.

To hell with Political correctness and censorship in any form. Let’s have the truth. You will find the truth about politics, medicine, science and academia in the “Irish People.”

We make no bones about the fact that the “Irish People” needs you but if you are awake and concerned about what is going on now in Ireland and the World you need the “Irish People” as much as it needs you.

We are starting off as an online newspaper but with your support the sky’s the limit. An online radio station is next as soon as it is financially and physically possible to do so.

Our sole income will come from your support because we refuse to be compromised as all mainstream publications have become as a result of their dependence on advertising revenue. Our model is simple. We will tell you the truth and reveal hidden truths as long as you support us. We are in this together and with your support the truth will prevail. Thank you.


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