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Unity or Slavery A New Kind of Heroism

A new kind of heroism is required to fight the new kind of war that we are all engaged in right now whether we like it or not. 2020 and 2021 were the years of the ‘Lockdowns’, fear, media induced mass hysteria, state infringement of basic human rights, forced experimental vaccination, all in an apparent fight against a phantom virus.

Governments in a coordinated attack took advantage of this “pandemic” to impose draconian levels of repression on the people. Before the famous “Two weeks to flatten the curve” lockdown and all that came after it, we could not have imagined such a nightmare scenario in our wildest dreams. Now we have seen the naked oppression of the madman Trudeau in Canada exposing the depths… the megalomaniac depths political leadership is prepared to stoop to impress their globalist masters. Do you think our lot are any better?

Weapon of Mass Destruction

We must put a stop to that and never allow it to happen, ever again. The ‘Covid Pandemic’ has produced the same level of illness and death as any previous year’s influenza outbreak. However it is being used as the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

The COVID 19 Pandemic does not create any different results than the annual winter flu. Everything else about it is a total fiction. People are being infected by it in the same way as the seasonal flu like every previous year. By the way where has the flu disappeared to? Was it so last century?

No Covid Found

7 US Universities did lab tests on 1500 positive COVID samples and no Covid was found in any of those 1500 samples. All 1500 samples tested positive mostly for Influenza A and some tested positive for influenza B. Not a single Covid case was found.

No such virus has ever been found or identified anywhere. So how can a vaccine be developed for an unidentifiable phantom virus? COVID exists only in the sense of it being a computer generated projection and a then a powerful propaganda weapon to fan the flames of fear and mass hysteria to cower, subjugate, and enslave you.

Globalist Takeover

Covid was and is being brilliantly orchestrated by a Globalists cabal to install themselves as our Corporate Feudal masters. It is a coup de tat to install global tyranny over subservient totalitarian surveillance states that are now being installed. Nothing is hidden about their goals which were published for all to see as Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. Have you studied them?

This Globalist takeover included a massive US election fraud as a demonstration of their total dominance. Who else would have chosen a basement bound, bumbling, and incoherent idiot to fight an election against an incumbent president and win by very obvious foul means?

That was an ‘in your face’ action statement to demonstrate their power, their control and their utter contempt for you and for humanity.

Ireland’s Dancing Puppets

The political, medical financial and media puppets in Ireland have been dancing to their globalist masters tune for some time now. Anybody who tells you there are more than two genders is telling you that you are an idiot and you must accept and obey. They have turned science on its head. Distorted politics, education, medicine and a compliant media are the forces they are using to ruthlessly subdue and enslave you within a web of deceit and downright lies. A society not built on truth is built on tyranny. The enemy within are far more dangerous than any invader. The Irish Government has proven itself by its actions to be the enemy of the Irish people. They are not my government. Are they yours?

Penal Days are Here Again

You have been imprisoned in your own homes. Fear was their prison bars.  Your jailers were a constant diet of deceit and lies that generated a prison of fear and mass hysteria. You weren’t even allowed to worship in your Church. You couldn’t socialise with your friends. The media and the State god now decide when or how you can worship. Have all the religions leaders sold out to mammon?

You are forbidden to see your loved ones in hospital. You have been forbidden to give your departed loved ones a decent funeral. Penal days are here again. This is the worst kind of totalitarianism imaginable. You know the rest of it because you are experiencing it through your imposed compliance. This is tyranny. Why aren’t you questioning it? Are you going to lie down and tell your children your silence sold their freedom?

Get off your knees

All your human rights have been taken away. All your constitutional rights have been trodden on and there will be no let up. That is your future in 2022 but only if you continue to roll over and accept it. That is the dark future you are facing every year from now on but only if you accept and allow it. We in Ireland have had centuries of oppression and genocide. Haven’t we had enough?

Hearts, Minds and Souls

This is a war for the hearts and minds and indeed the very souls of the Irish people and indeed humanity and it is being waged against us with propaganda weapons that cause fear, terror and mass hysteria. It is a centuries old weapon, the same weapon that fuelled the horrors of the inquisition that for centuries terrorised humanity during the previous era of feudal domination.

Now we are threatened with Corporate Feudalism. Are you aware of that?

This is not a conventional war but it is no less deadly. It is a propaganda war to herd you into compliance and slavery with the Corporate Feudal elite controlling your life. Surely you can see how easily ours and all the world’s governments have surrendered all their authority to this global monster. They are bought and paid for treasonous cowards and traitors and they are your sworn enemies… but you must be brave.

We are the 99%

The enemies’ numbers are less than 1% of humanity. While they are dominant and in control now, they are even more vulnerable than the rest of us, even though they appear to have won the first battle with no casualties on their side. But that must change and it is about to change. For the first time they have been exposed. They have shown their hand and they have failed to inflict a knockout blow on us.

We know who they are now. We know who their supporters are. People are already beginning to fight back in many ways. People will get more, and more, angry as the actions of the Globalist enemy and their minions in government, in medicine, in banking, and their lying media as they become more and more exposed.

Our disunity Empowers the 1%

While we are the 99% we are all individually either powerless or have very little power unless we unite and work together as a united force to defeat the evil 1%. Their strength is their unity of purpose. Our weakness is our lack of unity.

If a united 1% can control the world politically, financially and medically, imagine what a united 99% could achieve? Couldn’t we achieve a better world for every man, woman and child and indeed for all of humanity?

Don’t we owe it to ourselves and our children to put our individual differences aside and find basic common ground in which to unite and take back our collective power? The 1% can only survive while the 99% remain divided. Basically we have a choice as a species. We can allow ourselves to remain enslaved by our own disunity or we can unite and create a free world for ourselves and for humanity. What kind of a world do you want to live in?

Unity Starts With You

Unity starts with you and it comes from deep within your own heart. Can you put your differences aside and work with your neighbour for the benefit of both? Can your organisation sit down with the next organisation and put aside both of your differences for your mutual benefit? There are more than 100 groups and organisations all claiming to be working for essentially the same thing. The 1% are laughing at them and so they should, because their choice to be divided or different from each other, and the next group, is what empowers the 1%.

You can all find countless reasons not to cooperate or unite with the next group but can you put all those reasons aside – just for now – and find one reason to unite?

If not, you might as well resign yourself to continued slavery because neither you nor your organisation will ever achieve anything alone. Get used to that idea.

If all of the 99 percenter groups unite with one common goal in mind there is no power on earth that can stop them. You can choose to become part of that power by uniting your group with all the groups around you. Then no power on earth can stop you from achieving your goal. You have a stark choice. Choose freedom through unity right now, or continue in slavery through disunity.

Truth is our First Weapon

An information fight back is our first weapon. Truthful information can be a greater, a more powerful, a more potent force, and a more effective weapon than their propaganda, misinformation and blatant lies. Our weapons are the truth and the sense of freedom in people’s hearts that always resonates much better with human hearts and minds than deception and lies.

People have an innate desire for freedom and our message is and always has been one of freedom and sovereignty. Truth and freedom can always defeat the enemies’ message of fear and imprisonment.

  • Ours is a message of truth and personal sovereignty while the enemies’ is one of censorship, fear mongering, subservience and slavery. Do you even have to ask which one resonates with yours and every human heart?
  • Ours is a message that offers a future we must win for your children and for future generations.
  • Choose wisely because our children and our future generations will either revere and call you heroes or condemn you as the generation that surrendered them to slavery. Choose wisely. Become heroes of the truth.
  • If we sit back, accept the takeover and do nothing we are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

We have developed a broadcast media platform but we need soldiers of the truth to run it and broadcast the truth. We already have an up and running online newspaper since January, irishpeople.ie Read it. Write for it. Make it your own and support it in any way you can. It’s that or the mainstream media lies. Which do you want?

We also have a very sophisticated online Radio and TV station with numerous broadcast channel options that will be ready to go on the air as soon as we get the manpower and the womanpower to run it. You are invited to get involved in any way you can. Have you ever dreamed of having your own TV or Radio Show or being a disc jockey?

What do we say to our fellow Irish men and women who are lost in the mainstream propaganda? Only a noble patriotic minority ever fought for freedom. So many people are stagnating in a mass trance of fear and terror. They will continue to lose more and more of their and your freedom, and your sovereign and inalienable rights unless you show them another way that leads to freedom instead of fear. If the mainstream media can indoctrinate them, our new media can open their hearts and minds and set them free.

It’s time for some soul searching

  • Are we prepared to lose more and more of our inalienable rights and the freedom the martyrs of 1916 fought for?
  • Are we going to continue to conform to the narrative of slavery for the sake of obedient conformity that our slave masters demands. Would the heroes of 1916 thank us for that?
  • Do we have the courage to say we will not surrender?
  • Do we have the courage to say we will not conform?
  • Do we have the courage to say we will not be masked, muzzled, jabbed and enslaved?
  • Haven’t we reached the point where the prevailing evil must be challenged and beaten?
  • We must stop our country being used as a dumping ground for the garbage of humanity.
  • We must not allow our small businesses be closed to enrich multinational monopolies.

A Rendezvous with Destiny

Evil becomes powerless when those who have the courage, stand up and challenge it. You and I here today have a rendezvous with destiny. The future of countless generations is in our hands. We must preserve the last great hope of freedom for our children or we will sentence them and our future generations to another 800 years of slavery and darkness. Haven’t we had enough of that?

We are under attack. They are using migrants to create divisiveness fear and conflict. We must recognise that we are at war with the greatest enemy the Irish people have ever faced since Strongbow landed on our shores or Cromwell raped Drogheda.

A Fight for Freedom

Unless we win this war and in so doing reaffirm the aspirations of Pearse and all who fought for our freedom through the centuries of oppression, history will record that we with the most to lose cheaply surrendered out our freedom and our children’s future to slavery.  It’s time for us to ask ourselves “what would the men of 1916 and those who sacrificed their lives for our independence think of us if we do nothing today?”

Freedom Must be Nurtured

This generation of Irish people need to realize that freedom must be nurtured, cherished and defended. We must have the courage to defend our inalienable right to freedom for this and for future generations.

It is time we set ourselves apart from the corrupt politicians, medical tyranny and financial slavery and their bought and paid for, compliant media. It’s time for you to stand apart. You were never meant to fit in and silently comply with imposed fear and slavery. You were born to stand out, to shine out, to be outstanding and to be a new kind of hero. Be proud, be sovereign, be brave, be a hero.


irishpeople.ie is our first weapon of truth. It is your weapon of truth. Our radio station is coming next. For now support irishpeople.ie in every way you can. Send it to your friends in Ireland and worldwide. Write for it and help us to expose the media and government propaganda and lies. Support it financially. It is run entirely by volunteers who receive no wages or remuneration of any kind for their efforts. Despite that it still costs money to keep it online and to promote it to a larger audience. This is your chance to make a difference by uniting with purpose, yes, uniting with purpose, and then, by getting the truth out to Ireland and the world by supporting irishpeople.ie  Thank you.


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