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Mainstream Media Censorship

Former ITV and Sky News boss Mark Sharman a famous British broadcaster called a press conference where he hosted doctors and eminent scientists last is asking  why they and 700 medical professionals who calling for a pause to the vaccination of children are being totally ignored by the mainstream media. He angrily responds in a video which he released and here is a transcript from it so you can see for yourself how deep this censorship runs.

“I’m ashamed and I would apologise to everybody about the way the media have behaved in all of this. I was the boss of Sky News at one time and ITV and I’ve sat at home angry and frustrated at the way they are behaving. But it can’t be accidental. We have tried. I’m now working with a group of journalists and we’re trying really hard to break the mould and were writing online and elsewhere.

We cannot get these stories into the mainstream media. Now there are many reasons and it’s being controlled and there’s no reason and it’s naive to think it’s not. I don’t know if you know, there are two young professionals, the medical professional and my trade. I don’t call that a profession, you don’t need a qualification. But both of us should be ashamed of them, ashamed of the general mix. Where is everybody else.

Max is one of the people I have spoken to in the past. Where is everybody else? I’m out now talking to victims every day but the Doctors know and they are seeing more examples in the hospital and they are not speaking up and the media are not speaking up. So you have to ask why? It isn’t all about a cock up believe me, it just cannot be. Is there any mainstream media here at all? You know I’ve sent my former colleagues at Sky – people I worked with. I have sent them a personal invitation today on the back of lots of things and they still haven’t come. You know, you are eminent scientists and doctors with opinions. And what does your boss say – misinformation.”

Who is Mark Sharman?

Mark Sharman is a famous British broadcaster whose journalistic career began when he first worked with the Derby Evening Telegraph and Birmingham Evening Mail before entering television journalism with ITV in 1976. There he edited coverage of Football World Cups and the Olympic Games. He later worked for BSkyB as deputy managing director of Sky Sports, helping to expand from one to four channels and creating Sky Sports News, before joining Channel 4 as controller of sport in 1998, where he wrested broadcasting rights for test cricket from the BBC.

A year later he returned to BSkyB and became director of broadcasting, with responsibility for Sky One, Sky News and Sky Movies channels. After a fourteen-month sabbatical, he re-joined ITV as controller of sport in early 2005. Two years later Sharman was appointed as director of ITV’s network and regional news while retaining his controller of sport role. He secured a notable coup in March 2007, when ITV, in a joint bid with the former Irish broadcaster Setanta Sports, successfully gained broadcasting rights for FA Cup matches and England national football teams home games starting from August 2008. The BBC and Sky had previously held the rights since 2001. He stepped down from his position at the end of 2008. Mark Sharman is ranked on the list of most popular British broadcaster. Throughout all that he never lost his integrity. He is also ranked in the elite list of famous celebrity born in United Kingdom. Despite that no journalists turned up to his press conference calling for a pause to the vaccination of children. The level of control and censorship of the media is now complete. It’s like they are owned by the pushers of death by injection. What other possible conclusion could we come to?



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