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Woke Wimps or National Heroes

Somebody wrote a poem during the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland with the following lines.

“Politicians proud and grand

These are the scum of our land,”

This could very well apply to politicians universally considering their behaviour globally. Whenever you hear a politician or mainstream media pundit in 2022 use the term ‘Democracy’ they are really talking about Globalisation and when they say they want to save democracy what they really mean is they want to save their ‘Great Reset’, their ‘build back better’, their Clinton Foundation, their World Economic Forum, their Bilderberger’s, Trilateral Commission, their Council of Foreign Relations, their Fabian Society, their LSE, their NGO’s and numerous other Globalist front operations to totally enslave this planet in a smooth running operation on behalf of their corporate criminal cartels.

Fake Democracy

How you know they are not talking about real democracy? For example when they are talking about Ukraine which is not a real democracy but an NWO Client State they are talking fake democracy. Ukraine has been a haven of the banking cartel and money laundering for dirty politicians and other NWO assets. All their dirty money has been laundered and cleaned through the Ukraine which is their current laundry.

The politicians who are presently jockeying with each other to express their outrage at Putin don’t really give a damn about the Ukrainian people but they do care about their money laundering operation. He is threatening the money of globalists like Tony Blair, Barak Obama, The Clintons, The Biden’s and the rest of the world’s parasites and that is scaring them. Ukraine was the Globalist parasites ultimate Switzerland.

World Economic Forum’s Despots

Aside from protecting his people and his borders Putin’s next objective is to rattle the s**t out of them just like he did in Georgia. He is stopping their further expansion of NATO that has being circling Russia and at the same time he is cutting off their money laundering operation. World Economic Forum’s bagman has been Ukraine.

Western governments have been at war with their citizens for a long time now and the last two years was evidence of this. Look at Trudeau’s despotic behaviour in Canada for example. He was only stopped from his all-out assault on the truckers and the people because his stupid government precipitated a run on the banks by seizing peoples accounts. People then realized that their money was no longer safe in Canada’s banks and they started removing it so rapidly that the banks would have collapsed. Regardless of their political stance people thought, ‘Let’s get our money out before Trudeau gets it’. The result was massive transfers of cash out of the banks.

Loony Liberal Governments

The Bank of Canada’s Commissioner’s had to call up Trudeau’s Loony Liberal Government and tell them stop now or we won’t have any money in the banks tomorrow. That would have crippled the government as well as the banks. That’s the real reason he immediately rescinded the ‘Emergency Powers Act’ and his publicly spoken reasons for doing so were a hastily concocted pack of lies. It was the ultimate own goal. That and only that put a stop to Trudeau’s mad gallop. Look at Austria, Look at Germany, Look at Australia Look at New Zealand. They are all dancing to the same globalist tune as are most all governments to one extent or another.

Nationalism Destroys Globalism

On the other front back in Ukraine Putin has got what he wants. He has neutralised the West’s client government in Kiev just like he did in Georgia. Our globalist politicians are worse than a bunch of paedophiles and psychopaths all mixed up in saccharine sick liberal rhetoric. A Putin level of intelligence and independence was never supposed to get control of power in Russia. What they had planned was some Biden like idiot they could control like Biden, Trudeau and the rest of them to run Russia into the ground on their behalf.

Putin is an intelligent nationalist and the globalists hate that more than anything else. It is the one thing that can and will stop them because nationalism is an innate human condition that destroys the cold empty subservient woke slavery of Globalism.

Woke is a Mental Disease

When a ‘Woke’ government is running a country they are so focused on their Woke agenda and their virtue signalling to each other that they neglect or ignore the business of running the country and the economy. The result is the havoc created by ‘woke’ despots like Trudeau in Canada and his female counterpart in New Zealand. ‘Woke’ politicians are so busy imposing their ‘woke’ agenda on the people that they don’t address the real issues on the ground. It’s like ‘woke’ is a mental disease created by the World Economic Forum. When the truth finally comes out we will discover that woke was the only destructive virus that resulted in a fake pandemic

It’s Gas… Green Gas

The EU’s sabre rattling at Russia is totally counterproductive because they are totally dependent on Russia for their energy supply. The EU and particularly Germany have a huge dependency on Russia for energy as a result of their blind sighted insane green agenda that closed down their ‘fossil fuelled’ and nuclear power stations. Their Green virtue signalling agenda has left them dependent on Russian Gas. The state of the EU and the state of the world are largely interchangeable. They are all part of the Globalist agendas created disaster that is continuing to unfold. Claus Schwab’s obedient poster boys and girls are destroying national structures and nations to fulfil Schwab’s globalist agenda. There are no visionary statesmen running countries any more, just Schwab’s slimy slaves running countries into the ground instead. Just look at – for the first time in history – all those running the worlds governments singing the same tune off the same COVID hymn sheet together. Globalisation means a criminal gang running the world funded and controlled by Corporate Feudalism with you as a slave providing the sweat equity to keep it all running smoothly. As soon as they can they intend to replace you with artificial intelligence run automation. They will then have no compunction about disposing of you, killing you.

The Blood of the Nation

Nationalism is the expression of a people with a common culture, a common heritage and a common vision for the welfare of their beloved people and their beloved country. It’s the love and the pride of their togetherness, their music, their songs, their legends and their shared memory going back into the mists of time. There is richness in that that can never be erased. That is the nation, the group soul of the people expressing itself in countless ways that can never be erased. There is nothing that globalism can offer humanity anything that can compare with the inner and the collective warmth of nationalism that runs through the blood in the veins of every nation.


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