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High Court Case to Stop Covid 19 Vaccinations of Children in Ireland

On March 10th 2023, the first hearing of an important case was heard before the High Court in Ireland which will affect generations of Irish people and the future of the Irish nation. It concerned Informed Consent or more specifically the deprivation of informed consent or the obtaining of informed consent by nondisclosure, false pretences, deception and fraud. Informed Consent is one the most basic rights a living man, woman or child has. It is intrinsically related to the right to life and the right to bodily integrity which are fundamental rights and unenumerated rights under the Irish Constitution and the Natural Law as understood by the Irish Constitution and the findings and judgments of the High Court and Supreme Court.

These are very serious rights, and they are not to be interfered with, or denied or breached. But, the facts and evidence clearly shows that the experimental covid19 vaccines and boosters which have proven to be unsafe and ineffective have interfered with and breached these fundamental rights and unenumerated rights of the Irish people and have inflicted serious injuries, illnesses, disabilities and deaths on many thousands of Irish people. A fact brought into sharp focus recently by a 42% rise in excess mortality in Ireland from December 2022 to February 2023.

Opening Statements

The facts above were expressed to the High Court and judge in the opening statements of David Egan, the Plaintiff, representing the people of Ireland and the children of Ireland. He cited over 15 court precedents dealing with the breaches of these Constitutional rights and Natural law rights. The opposing barristers representing the HSE and the government interrupted him on a few occasions but Mr. Egan reminded them that they learnt these legal facts in law school and these facts should be known to them, and they were highly relevant to this court case.

Protective Costs Order

The judge reminded the court that the first matter to be deal with was the Protective Costs Order and that the legal arguments and debate should focus on this matter. This order would protect the Plaintiffs from being sued for hundreds of thousands of euros if they lost the case. David Egan outlined over 20 grounds for a Protective Costs order including several precedents relating to past judgments in the High Court and Supreme Court in Ireland and in the superior courts in other countries and of the Aarhus Convention concerning the lived environment. He also cited the Irish Constitution and EU laws and Human Rights giving one a right to fair procedures, a fair trial, equal treatment and equality of arms in courts and that this should not be blocked by excessive costs or the threat of such. He also cited Irish Constitutional articles stating that the government and elected politicians and the civil servants are the servants of the Irish people and that they are accountable to the Irish people, and they do not serve and are not accountable to the vaccine companies, Big Pharma and Globalists. All of this was used to impress upon the judge and the High Court that this case was a Public Interest case and deserving of a protective costs order.

Angry Exchanges

As the debate became more inflamed and rife with angry exchanges, Mr. Egan again mentioned Informed Consent and how informed consent for these vaccines and boosters had been blocked by non-disclosure, false pretences, deception and fraud. And that this had serious consequences for the Irish people and nation as the scientific, medical and statistical evidence worldwide was showing that they were unsafe and ineffective and leading to a large number of injuries, illnesses, disabilities and deaths and a massive rise in excess mortality.

Documentary Proof

The HSE and government barrister demanded proof and Mr. Egan provided the judge with Pfizer’s own internal documents, documenting over 1,200 serious illnesses, disabilities and types of death caused by the covid19 vaccine, and 40,000 injured within the first 90 days, 1,223 dead and many thousands of people with serious illnesses and disabling and deadly illnesses. And he provided official data from VAERS, Eudravigilance, MHRA and other bodies worldwide showing illnesses, disabilities and types of death caused by the covid19 vaccine. This evidence had previously been served on the barristers for the HSE and government.

Uproar in the Court

When Mr. Egan mentioned a letter from US Senator to the US Secretary of Defence detailing illnesses, disabilities and types of death caused by the covid19 vaccine to healthy and fit US military personnel, there was uproar in the court. The barrister for the government objected. Mr. Egan offered to enter this evidence into the court later and supply the barristers for the HSE and government with this at a later time. Mr. Egan proceeded to hand up exhibits to the judge to back up his claims about the dangers of the covid19 vaccines and boosters. The judge seemed surprised by this and thanked Mr. Egan for this evidence.

HSE and Government Policies

After lunch, the barristers for the HSE and government tried to defend their position and cited court precedents which denied people protective costs orders in the past. The barrister for the state went into some detail on this and then bored the court talking about HSE and government policies around covid19. The barrister for the HSE also bored the court with talk about HSE policies and then launched into a blistering attack on the Plaintiffs. Objections were raised and upheld by the judge on a few occasions. The barrister for the HSE mentioned the subject of “mass killing of children” by these vaccines, which Mr. Egan was given a chance to reply to later.


An angry debate then occurred over whether it was proper of the Plaintiffs to pose the question (in their affidavits) whether or not the gain of function virus and gain of function spike protein which the vaccine produces in the human body could be termed “Bioweapons”. This was later resolved by Mr. Egan informing the court that this question was the subject of US Congress investigations and hearings with similar activity in other parliaments and that investigations were ongoing worldwide. It was most certainly appropriate to ask the question of whether it was acceptable or not to inject an alleged Bioweapon into the bodies of children, and also into adults.

Cost of a Childs Life

There was quite a lot of heated exchanges in the court as one would expect in this type of case. Populations worldwide have been subjected to some very heavy-handed tactics and oppression by state employees and politicians since 2020, and this has caused an enormous amount of damage to people in Ireland and other countries. By evening time, Mr. Egan finally got a chance to respond after hours of listening to the opposing side representing the HSE and government. He stated the following to the court:

‘All we are hearing about in this court from the other side is about costs, costs, costs, I ask this court what is the cost of a child’s life?’ The body of the court erupted into clapping and applause accompanied by loud shouting for over 2 minutes. Even Gardaí (police) clapped, as they too had children who were at risk.

Clinical Trials?

Mr. Egan then proceeded to answer the allegations made by the opposing side. He mentioned that both the Irish law and EU law regarding clinical trials had not been fully complied with, and this required a full court hearing of its own in the Public Interest. Most Irish people were not aware that covid19 vaccines were in trial until 2023, a fact admitted to by Pfizer and other vaccine companies. Following another heated debate between the opposing sides, over the subject of “mass killing of children” by vaccines, Mr. Egan approached the bench and presented to the judge 2 folders full of exhibits containing evidence which were over 1,300 pages in total. There then followed a 3 way argument between the Mr. Egan, the judge and the 2 barristers for the HSE and government. Mr. Egan managed to convince the judge and the barristers for the opposing side that he had fully complied with a High Court order from Judge Dignam on December 16th 2022 requiring him to deliver all evidence and exhibits to the other parties by January 27th 2022. As Mr. Egan had done this, he was then eligible to hand this same evidence or exhibits over to the judge for his viewing. This contained scientific, medical, statistical, and autopsy evidence of the vaccine and booster injuries, illnesses, disabilities and deaths caused to many people worldwide. It was very incriminating evidence indeed. One could see why the barristers for the HSE and government vehemently opposed this.

Expert Witnesses

Next Mr. Egan addressed the issue of Expert Witnesses and told the court that his expert witnesses were far better qualified and experienced than those of the HSE and government. He presented the judge with sworn affidavits from his Expert Witnesses including medical doctors, medical professors, scientists and pathologists worldwide. The opposing side objected, but Mr. Egan informed the court that he had served this on them before the 27th January 2023.

Public Interest

Mr. Egan summed up by citing more reasons and precedents for giving the Protective Costs Order and why this was a Public Interest case deserving of a Protective Costs Order. And in the final parts of his summation Mr. Egan again mentioned the importance of informed consent and the court precedents around it, and then repeated the fact that informed consent was obtained by non-disclosure, false pretences, deception and fraud and the related issues of breaches of the Irish people’s fundamental and unenumerated rights including the right to life and right to bodily integrity. And the fact that this Public Interest case needed to be heard in the High Court and Supreme Court if necessary. The judge smiled and nodded to Mr. Egan and thanked him for his submissions to the court. The parties will be notified in the near future as to the judgment on a Protective Costs Order.

Fundamental Rights

The High Court case went well in the sense that it enabled both parties to state their case before the court. And for the first time in the history of the Irish state, a case involving the Natural law, the Irish Constitution and Irish people’s fundamental and unenumerated rights, involving the right to full and valid informed consent, the right to life and the right to bodily will be deliberated on, debated and judged on in the High Court and possibly also in the Supreme Court. Details about this High Court case can be viewed on  https://www.data-analytica.org/high-court.htm

The Case the Media Wont Report

The Irish People newspaper will continue to follow and report on this case which is of fundamental importance to the Irish people. This segment of the case was regarded as too hot to handle by the legacy media as it didn’t suit their narrative to see one man namely David Egan so ably take on the legal heavy weights of the state and the HSE and more than hold his own.


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