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10 Claims by COVID Experts Now debunked

According to a recent report in the New York Post a series of analyses published by highly respected researchers have exposed the lies and the despicable behaviour of public health and government officials during COVID. Not surprisingly they were invariably wrong and they continue to be so. Public health officials now claim that their recommendations were not wrong based on the information available to them at the time. They were in fact wrong because they completely ignored all new evidence presented to them. When a new finding didn’t support their existing policies, they ignored and even censored it. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention exacerbated the situation by weponizing research through the promotion its own scientifically flawed studies in its own non-peer-reviewed medical journal, MMWR. All scientific norms were completely abandoned.

Mischievous Misinformation

Public health officials actively spread misinformation that destroyed health and ruined lives and spread death, thus permanently damaged public trust in the medical profession. The following are 10 examples of how they misled America and the world. The Irish Government and medical establishment swallowing their misinformation without questioning it. The compliant Irish mainstream media created a pandemic of panic with their blatant misinformation and fearmongering reporting. The medical profession totally discredited itself by showing that they were servants of the pharmaceutical industry rather than the purveyors of health and have completely destroyed the credibility of themselves and their previously hallowed profession. The Irish government gave themselves unconstitutional extrajudicial powers and went overboard in a state of power crazed madness that still infects them as is evidenced by increasingly repressive legislation.

Covid Misinformation List:

No 1: Natural immunity offers little protection compared to vaccinated immunity

According to the Lancet which looked at 65 major studies across 19 countries on natural immunity, the researchers concluded that natural immunity was at least as effective as the primary COVID vaccines. Furthermore, public health officials downplayed arising concerns about vaccine-induced myocarditis or heart muscle inflammation. AP/Nathan Papers. The scientific data was already available — from 160 studies. Despite the findings of these studies the authorities were more concerned with the violation of Facebook’s “misinformation” policy than peer reviewed valid scientific studies. The 160 validated studies coincided with the observation of nearly every practicing physician during the initial 18 months of the COVID pandemic. Most of those who were fired for not taking the COVID vaccine already had antibodies that effectively neutralized the virus, but then they were antibodies that the government and the medical establishment refused to recognize as it did not suit their agenda and the pharmaceutical industry’s vaccine selling bonanza.

No 2: Masks prevent COVID transmission

Cochran Reviews are regarded as the most authoritative and independent medical evidence assessment. One recently published by a universally respected Oxford research team concluded that masks had no significant impact on COVID transmission. When queried about this definitive review, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle simply Walensky downplayed it by claiming that it was flawed because it focused on randomized controlled studies which up until then was regarded as the greatest strength of the review and was considered to be the gold standard. A recent study found that masks had little effect on preventing COVID-19 transmission. Jeenah Moon/Pool via REUTERS If all the efforts by public health officials to mask toddlers was channelled to reduce child obesity we would be better off.

No 3: School closures reduce COVID transmission

The CDC ignored the experience of Sweden and other European countries of keeping schools open, most without mask mandates. The transmission rates were no different, according to studies conducted in Spain and Sweden.

No 4: Myocarditis from the vaccine is less common than from the infection

Public health officials downplayed concerns about vaccine-induced myocarditis or heart muscle inflammation. They justified this by citing poorly designed studies that under-played complication rates. A number of well-designed studies said the opposite. It is now accepted that myocarditis is 6 to 28 times more common following the COVID vaccine than post infection among 16- to 24-year-old males. As a result of receiving Covid vaccine tens of thousands of children likely got myocarditis, mostly subclinical, they didn’t need because they were healthy or because they already had COVID.

No 5: Young people benefit from a vaccine booster

It is still claimed that boosters reduced hospitalizations in older, ‘high-risk’ people. No evidence was ever there that they lower COVID mortality in young, healthy people. The CDC tellingly chose not to publish its data on hospitalization rates among boosted Americans under 50, when it published the same rates for those over 50. White House political pressure to recommend boosters for all was so intense that the FDA’s top two vaccine experts left the agency in protest, and wrote scathing articles on how the data didn’t support boosters for young people. President Biden pushed extreme policies to attempt to get all Americans vaccinated. Christopher Sadowski

No 6: Vaccine mandates increased vaccination rates

President Biden and his officials demanded that unvaccinated workers, regardless of their risk or natural immunity, be fired. They demanded that soldiers be dishonourably discharged and nurses be laid off in the midst of a staffing crisis. The mandate was based on the theory and computer models that vaccination reduced transmission rates which later proven to be false. Even after the broad recognition that vaccination doesn’t reduce transmission, the mandates persists to this day. RTE keeps pushing it with advertising from the HSE. They ignore the fact that a recent study from George Mason University clearly details that vaccine mandates in nine major US cities had no impact on vaccination rates and no impact on COVID transmission rates.

No 7: COVID originating from the Wuhan lab is a conspiracy theory

Google has admitted to suppressing searches of “lab leak” during the pandemic. Even the FBI chief is now saying that the most likely cause of Covid was a Wuhan lab leak. Dr. Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health still claims that he doesn’t believe the virus came from a lab. That is despite the overwhelming circumstantial evidence points to a lab leak origin, the same origin suggested to Dr. Anthony Fauci by two very prominent virologists in a January 2020 meeting at the beginning of the pandemic. According to documents obtained by Bret Baier of Fox News, they had told Fauci and Collins that the virus may have been manipulated and had originated in the lab, but they suddenly changed their story in public comments days after meeting with the NIH officials. The virologists later received nearly $9 million from Fauci’s agency. The theory that COVID-19 originated from a Chinese lab in Wuhan has now proven to be true. HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images.

No 8: It was important to get the second vaccine dose three or four weeks after the first dose

Data were already clear in the spring of 2021, just months after the vaccine rollout, that spacing the vaccine out by three months only reduced complication rates and increases immunity.

No 9: Data on the bivalent vaccine is ‘crystal clear’

Dr. Ashish Jha famously made this claim, despite the bivalent vaccine being approved using data from only eight mice. There has never been a randomized controlled trial of the bivalent vaccine.

No 10: One in five people get long COVID

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention claims that 20% of COVID infections can result in long COVID however a UK study found that only 3% of COVID patients had residual symptoms lasting 12 weeks. It’s normal to experience mild fatigue or weakness for weeks after being sick and inactive and not eating well. Calling these cases long COVID is the medicalization of ordinary life. While the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention claim that 20% of COVID infections can become long COVID, other studies say differently. MediaNews Group via Getty Images What’s most amazing about all the misinformation from the CDC and public health officials is that there have been no apologies for holding on to their recommendations for so long after the data clearly showed that they were dead wrong. Whatever happened to science in medicine? Public health officials insisted that “you must” when the scientifically correct answer should have been “we’re not sure.” Early on, in the absence of good scientific data, public health officials chose a path of stern paternalism. Today, they remain in denial of the mountain of strong studies showing that they were wrong. Defensive ego has replaced science in their world at a great cost to so many who blindly followed their dictates. At the very minimum, the CDC should come clean and the FDA should add a health warning label to COVID vaccines, clearly stating what is in them and what is now known but then aren’t they the tail that is being wagged by the pharma dog.


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