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Dave Cullen Now in the Irish People

Dave Cullen is Irelands foremost video blogger and technology journalist, using the name Computing Forever for his website and online channels such as BitChute and until recently YouTube which has now banned his videos. His regular video podcast, How is this a Thing, has been described as a conservative critique of modern trends such as identity politics and liberalism. He also uses alternative platforms such as Minds and Gab. We will now carry his well-informed, exciting and compellingly interesting videos in the Irish People with his permission.

Exposing the Agenda

Dave comments on a wide scope of subjects that the mainstream media either ignore or present a very one sided view which Dave blows wide open. He has presented videos covering topics from COVID-19 to the currently critical situation on our Planet and will continue to do so. His insights focus on exposing the presence of a deeper agenda that operates under the guise of environmentalism, together with a global vaccination plan, a financial reset, etc., all of which aim to push the people of Earth into a transhumanist agenda that threatens our very connection to God. Dave describes this as a spiritual battle.

100 Million Views

Dave has grown a large social media audience: since joining YouTube in 2006, his videos have been viewed over 100 million times with 447,000 subscribers, and he has over 62,000 subscribers on BitChute, a niche YouTube alternative.

He focuses on politics, social commentary and technology, as well as “criticisms of social justice, political correctness and hyper consumerism,” according to his description on BitChute. Some of his video titles include The New World Order Is Already Launched, Questioning the Coronavirus Narrative, and The Current Dystopia and The Road Ahead.

Censoring the Truth

Despite the fact that his videos on YouTube have accumulated over 100 million views they have now de-platformed him. Dave has interviewed and participated in conversations online with a number of free speech advocates, libertarians and conservatives, such as Professor Gad Saad, Bill Ottman (founder of Minds.com) and Steven Crowder. He will continue to do so on this and other platforms that don’t do censorship. We invite you to support Dave in every way possible as he is the brightest light in Irish journalism who tells it as he sees it in a most refreshing manner.

Dave Cullen is a graduate in media and journalism from Griffith College Dublin. Here is a taste of Dave at his best. The following video is a sample of his work.


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