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Think Local Conference 2023

The first community-led sustainability conference in Ireland took place on February 25 in Mullingar, which is located in County Westmeath. The conference’s primary objective was to empower people to develop their own independent communities and foster resilience and self-sufficiency as a way to break free from the centralised control of globalism. Attendees heard presentations, discussions, and panels on topics such as alternative financial systems and local banking, healthcare, farming and agriculture, and local-community building.

Full List of Speakers

The full list of speakers is below, among them was author and Alex Kreiner, author and founder of Kreiner Analytics. Here he is in discussion with Irish Journalist, Dave Cullen.

Think Local – Conference 2023 – HelloIrlandia TV

  • Speakers included:
  • Matt Ehret Co-Founder, Rising Tide Foundation
  • Cynthia Chung President, Rising Tide Foundation
  • Melissa Ciummei Investor & Public Speaker
  • Germaine Staley – SOURCE
  • Catherine Austin Fitts – Solari Report
  • Jim O’Brien – Founder & Chair Irish Climate Science Forum
  • Nic Robinson – World Council for Health
  • James Conway – Farmer/Permaculturalist

See our live video and photos from the conference panel discussion on creating a new financial system. Such a brilliant exchange of ideas and positive, edifying debate


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