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North Coast Community Exchange

We live in a world where the stability of banks and even the worlds currencies are in deep trouble. Both of those plus rampant inflation are linked to the globalist inspired government plan to digitalise our units of exchange. That would give the government a total overview and control over what is in your bank account, your wallet or purse which is a terrifying prospect. If for any reason they choose, they could shut you down leaving you totally destitute. That of course is inevitable unless preventative measures are taken to preserve ones right and ability to trade and exchange goods and services without the government knowing and interfering with your every transaction. The following is one community’s commendable moves to preserve their freedom to trade without government interference.

North Coast Community Exchange

Likeminded local people in the Coleraine area and beyond, have formed the ‘North Coast Community Exchange,’ a group that has come together to facilitate trade & exchange by providing a range of non-monetary exchange tools, in other words no money is involved!

A vast array of goods & services can be exchanged based on mutual credit: a means of trading and exchanging that doesn’t require;

  • conventional money,
  • doesn’t incur interest
  • and doesn’t involve banks.

Virtual money known as ‘Waves‘, is used as the “community currency” instead of cash.

Helping Each Other

It’s all about helping each other (& keeping items out of landfill) which in turn builds a Community, connecting people & providing a local support network.

Regular meetings are held at the Sandel Centre, Knocklynn Road, BT52 1WT, Coleraine, as well as online meetings (hosted by Mrs Elaine Riche) to explain how the system works and answer queries to enable people to participate in the project.

How the Exchange Works

The group relies on the Community Exchange System (CES), a free and non-profit internet platform to record transactions and manage the directory of members’ offerings and wants. It is also possible for those who do not have computers or smart phones to participate with paper directory and paper cheques.

Each person gets an account & password which gives access to their account on the CES website.

The site works like a true online banking service – users can enter transactions, view their current balances & obtain statements of account. They can also keep track of the trading position of others.

While most people initially think they have nothing to offer, by way of services, it is however surprising how we take the value of our abilities & talents for granted, for example: knitting, sewing, baking, gardening, housework, filling in forms, IT skills, shopping, dog-walking – the list is endless!

How to Get Involved

The next Zoom meeting is on Wednesday 12th April @ 8.00pm

The next Coleraine meeting is being held at the Sandel Centre, Knocklynn Road, BT52 1WT on Saturday 29th April @ 11am.

Everyone is welcome. Refreshments are provided in a friendly environment where many participants bring items like plants /toy /paintings /books /cushions /knitted hats, scarves etc.

Please come & join us – it’s fun & a great way to meet people!


email: nfo@northcoastexchange.org

Contact: 07513860145 or 02870351877

The Irish People Newspaper suggests that people from every part of Ireland, the UK and further afield should get in touch with the organisers of this wonderful ‘people power’ initiative to learn how to make this into a mass peoples movement.


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