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What Are Far-Right Extremists Thinking? Part I

A deep glance into the face of evil

We’ve all been there.


You’re at a wonderful party with delightful companions. After the meal we’re- quite naturally- discussing the terrible situation in Ukraine. You’ve donated $20,000 from your children’s college fund towards the renovation of a building on the other side of town so that Ukrainians can be housed- in admittedly dreadful conditions- but hey it’s the best we can do for now. You desperately want to share your private swimming pool and gym with these poor creatures but arrangements keeps clashing with your social calendar, much of which involves also raising money for various international charities. Still, you’re enjoying the conversation which centres around the misery and mayhem that present company are so deeply concerned about, despite the distant grumblings of those of lesser origins who complain that the life force is being sucked out of local economies in order to fund our beautiful altruistic vision of constantly helping the downtrodden.

And then it happens. Somebody asks a question:

“How much of the money we’re sending to Ukraine or Israel is actually being used to help anyone other than the likes of Raytheon or Halliburton?” 

The mood in the room plummets. You can hear a pin drop. The questioner scans the crowd looking for some kind of moral support which is not forthcoming. Thankfully the perpetrator reads the room, takes a hint and leaves. In the silence that follows, we begin to speak amongst ourselves about the appalling evil that has been visited upon us, thankfully now in retreat. We are sad for the loss of our brother. He was a nice man, if a little strange or terse at times. He never knew how to behave in a crowd but we tolerated him as a kind of quirky clown or a pet; But little did we know we were consorting with pure evil. How could such a character have been tolerated for so long? We saw him almost as one of our own, never once imagining that we beheld a creature from the murky depths of Far Right.

How could this ever happen to us? 


Find out tomorrow…


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