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Irish UFO Has Now Been Identified

Scores of people along Irelands west coast from Sligo to Donegal reported the sighting of a triangular UFO on Monday March 1st. One Leitrim man described it as a huge low flying silent triangular shaped aircraft or UFO. According to reports it was huge, it was low, it was silent, it hovered and sped up in a manner that no plane could.

A discerning observer not wishing to be named speculated that the object was probably an American aircraft of some advanced kind. The Russian Navy’s recent presence off the Irish coast may have prompted this advanced and possibly classified craft to come and see if the Russians had left any listening, monitoring or spying devices behind.

These sightings are not unique to Ireland as similar triangular-shaped craft have been reported on numerous occasions over the continental United States during the last several years. Observers speculated that this Irish sighting was most likely a classified U.S. military aircraft. According to UFO enthusiasts the evidence points to this or similar triangular shaped craft seen over the United States and Europe as being a classified U.S military aircraft. UFO sightings come in many shapes and forms and one commonly reported is a triangular black or dark aircraft similar to what was just seen in Ireland.

The Belgian Encounter

On the night of March 30th 1990, a Belgian National Police Captain pursued reports of a Triangular UFO. A NATO Radar installation and a Belgian radar installation both verified the presence of the UFO. Two scrambled F-16 fighters spotted the Triangular craft on their radar screens and locked onto it. Seconds later it accelerated from 280 to 1800 kilometres per hour while descending from a 3,000 meters altitude to 1,700 meters and then down to 200 meters all within the space of 1 second.

The gravitational force of such a manoeuvre is way beyond the ability of a human pilot to survive unless he was inside the protection of an inertial field. The crafts aerobatic performance was witnessed by 20 National Policemen and hundreds of others on the ground. The Belgians have made all the details of this event public unlike other governments. The Irish sighted craft while having a similar description did not display such aerobatics but then it was not being pursued by F-16 fighters.

A Mysterious Patent

Details of a mysterious 2004 patent was posted online in 2017 that showed a design for a black triangular craft similar to that seen over Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal. The patent was filed by a John Quincy St. Clair. He is one of a number of mysterious figures that show’s up from time to time in futuristic aerospace technology patent applications. Since there is no other evidence of his existence it prompts the question, is he indeed a real person?

I was getting nowhere with this and my other lines of enquiry so I decided to make a call to “Him who cannot be identified” where I usually go when such stories baffle me. “I will give you no interview but I will give you a short overview. Don’t ask me any questions” he said. The following is what he sent me and you can make what you like of it.

The Aurora TR-3B

“The only craft that fits the characteristics and shape of what you have describes as having been seen over the north west of Ireland is the TR-3B craft as shown in the image below. The operational model of this craft is 600 feet across. The tactical reconnaissance TR-3B’s first operational flight took place as far back as the early 1990’s. Its propulsion system and technology is state of the art to this day. The nuclear powered TR-3B Triangle was part of a Top Secret Aurora Program development of the 1990’s.

The TR-3B is still the most exotic vehicle created by the Aurora Program. This programme is funded and operationally tasked by the National Reconnaissance Office, the NSA, and the CIA. The TR-3B flying triangle was built with novel technology available since the mid 1980’s and it has uses more reversed alien technology than any vehicle before.” With that he would tell me no more but I did find numerous references to the TR-3B online that seem to verify what I was told. I suggest you look for yourself.

The TR-3B Flying Triangle


  1. The TR3B – the flying triangke, 90% powered by mercury which is brought down to low temp in the Kelvin range, rotated at high spewds and pressurised provides about 90% lift, the rest provided by neucleur energy


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