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If in doubt, it’s far right

What exactly is meant by the expression “Far Right“?

If in Doubt… It’s Far Right.

It’s a phrase that’s thrown around by the media like confetti these days, but has anyone actually stopped to consider what it means exactly? No they haven’t, and for very good reason. One may think it’s a perfectly fine question to ask; However, the fact is that any effort to define what is and isn’t Far Right, is in itself a dangerous impulse. The concept of “Far Right” must not ever be defined, for to do so is to engage in an act of contemplation, which, as we all know, is a Far Right activity. We, each of us, understands instinctively what Far Right means without thinking about it. It is like The Force as portrayed in the Star Wars movies: It surrounds us. It is everywhere; But in contrast to the benevolent traits of The Force, the Far Right force is akin to the Dark Side; Ready to strike at any time, it is like a virus that threatens to overwhelm the immune systems. To contemplate it’s nature, to question it’s existence, is to be in danger of succumbing to it.

any effort to define what is and isn’t Far Right, is in itself a dangerous Far Right impulse.

Do you, dear reader, harbour Far Right tendencies?*


Have you ever asked yourself questions such as: “Am I having Far Right thoughts right now?”, or “What kinds of thoughts do Far Right Dissidents have?” If so, then you’re in big trouble; Curiosity and questioning are classic Far Right traits.

If you have succumbed to the Shadow of the Far Right, what can you do to help yourself?


Let’s take a purely hypothetical scenario: Say that one day you realise you’re one of them; Such a conclusion will naturally elicit feelings of dread and self-disgust within you; It will call into question whether your ongoing presence in society can be justified. The overwhelming sense of shame will be more than deserved; You should take some time to reflect on all of the sordid and heinous thought-transgressions in your life. A full and frank confession is in order. Recovery from The Far Right is a long, arduous and lonely journey of self-discovery; However horrible this experience might be, there exists a small possibility that you can redeem yourself.

How Does One Engage In Redemption?


The process begins by making your way to the nearest police station and turning yourself in. Be aware that those you engage with may react with a level of disgust that they are not familiar with. Avoid unnecessary eye contact; Keep your head down, and be sure to keep your vile thoughts and opinions to yourself.

How Long Does Redemption Take?


There are many stages to the process of redemption, but is not known whether an FRD has ever fully 100% recovered. Keep in mind that society can never fully restore it’s trust in someone who has fallen to the Shadow Of The Far Right. Thankfully there are certain ways by which you may ingratiate yourself to a disapproving public, such as self-flagellation, public recantation, and other means of self-debasement. It takes an incredible level of dedication and resolve, but you just might become a tolerable person again.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.


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