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St. Teresa Turns in Her Grave in Disgust

Sodom and Gomorrah in Dublin Church

Last year 2021 an LGBT flag was flown in an ill advised ceremony to mark what has now become Pride month at a Catholic church in Ballyfermot, Dublin, which at the time generated huge opposition. Convention and custom allows only the tricolour and the Vatican flags to be flown in Irish churches or on church grounds. Despite that, the LGBT flag was flown without consultation by the ill advised local priest with the lame excuse that it was a conciliatory gesture to the LGBT community. Even Fr. Ted couldn’t make that up. It was quickly removed following a strong backlash of protests by indignant parishioners and Catholic activists. In the aftermath of last year’s LGBT flag flying embarrassment in Ballyfermot it is believed that the priest in question received a far too moderate belt of the Crozier from higher ups.

Here We Go Again

A second such LGBT flag flying ceremony for Pride 2022  was held in another Catholic church this year in a further attempt to brow beat the congregation into normalising the sacrilegious flying of LGBT colours and ceremonies in Irish Catholic churches with considerably more success.

Billed as an LGBT ecumenical event it involved a Pride themed prayer service on Thursday evening June 23rd at St Teresa’s Parish Church in Donore, South Dublin.

In Fr. Ted Style

This LGBT service was held in conjunction with local Protestant Churches in Fr. Ted style to give it additional weight. Fr. Jack was not in attendance for whom it wasn’t sufficiently ecumenical. It included LGBT activists in a ceremony presided over by ministers and the parish’s priests. The LGBT colours loudly adorned the church altar as well as later being brandishing on high in a live Craggy Island inspired event with the excuse that it was tailored specifically towards the LGBT community struggling with their faith to reconcile with the Church and vice versa.

Held In Secrecy During Lock Down

This is the second time such an event took place in St. Theresa’s. The parish newsletter revealed that the same service sneakily occurred last year under the radar during the Covid lock down. I wonder if social distancing and allowed numbers in church was observed. The event came out of the proverbial closet this year.  It is believed that the driving force behind the event was the ‘woke’ parish council. Parish sources say that the decision to allow such a ceremony to occur was almost solely the handiwork of the ‘woke’ Parish council said by many parishners to hold considerably more sway than the weak parish priest.

‘Woke Parish Councils’

With empty seminaries it appears that the scenario where ‘woke parish councils’ who are less theologically versed or even theologically illiterate but who are more dictatorial in their view of how the church should be run. They are taking over the effective running of parishes where they do as they please. The loudest and most dictatorial agenda driven malcontents are apt to take over the running of parish councils.

Forbidden Fruitcakes

Explicit Catholic teaching stating that homosexual acts run contrary to ecclesiastic edicts leave no wriggle room for ‘woke’ parish councils trying to impose the homosexual agenda onto the Church’s ceremonies never mind the plainly anti-religious thrust of the overall LGBT movement. However being a law unto themselves as such people tend to be they do just as they please.

Traditional Catholics Are Driven Away

‘Woke’ parish councils then attempt to impose their agenda on the parish at large with devastating consequences as traditional Catholics move away and join Tradentines congregations, the Society of St Pius the tenth or other traditional Catholics breakaway congregations. What remains behind is a sorry soulless delusional institution.

Alleged Ecumenism

It is no coincidence that such an event as that at St. Theresa’s occurred out of alleged ecumenism with the inclusion of moribund Protestant denominations such as the Church of Ireland seeing the spread of the self inflicted damage imposed by the liberal takeover their faltering organisations. It looks like the Irish Catholic Church, once a bastion of cultural tradition and even rabid reaction is falling into the hands of the ‘woke’ campaigners that parade around like many other self seeking virtue signalling soulless institutions controlled by the current trends and passing fashions of the new liberal Ireland.

Surviving Internal Persecution

Despite the present onslaught Catholicism in Ireland that survived Cromwell and centuries of penal persecutions can and will survive the present internal persecution until the inevitable point where the LGBT movement exhausts itself into oblivion or worse. Then Irish Catholics can properly regroup as they always did even if that means fighting for every inch of territory, the Donore parish flagpole in Rialto included.


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