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Michael Martin Locked Up in Washington DC St. Patricks Revenge?

After Covid-19 derailed TAOISEACH Michael Martin’s St Patrick’s schedule he will have to remain locked down in Washington DC for 10 days. Even his much anticipated St Patrick’s Day meeting with US President Joe Biden has had to be cancelled. All this happened because Martins PCR test came up positive.

In a fascinating twist the “Trust the Science” Quality-of-Life Research Centre Copenhagen, Denmark released a study saying that the PCR test has a 97% False Positive Rate.  Didn’t the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis – who died mysteriously in September 2019 before it was used to spread the Corona Hoax said that the test was never designed to detect a virus. Was the Biden administration just getting Martin out of the way?

A Moment of High Drama

There was a moment of high drama when Martin was rushed away from the Ireland Funds Wednesday evening gala dinner with an attendance of 800. This unexpected happening occurred just as he was about to receive a leadership award from U.S House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. A PCR screening swab ahead of the traditional ‘St Patrick’s Day’ White House ceremony detected a positive case in Martin’s delegation with a subsequent swab revealing that Michael Martin himself was infected.

St. Patricks Revenge

The word of Martins plight spread in hushed tones and whispers among the 800 shocked attendees at the Washington gathering. There was a very different reaction at home as the news trickled out. People who during the past two years couldn’t comfort their nearest and dearest as they died in grim ‘lockdown’ isolation under the dictate of Martins government felt just a moment of satisfaction. People whose small businesses were destroyed by the lockdown restrictions felt some grim satisfaction. The faithful who couldn’t attend church services including ‘Months Minds’ blessed themselves with a smile. Those who couldn’t attend the funerals of friends and relatives just smiled sadly. “A little taste of his own medicine can only do Martin some good” one commentator said. Other comments are unprintable. There was a general sense of satisfaction and just the littlest sense of poetic justice or St. Patrick’s intervention as Martins moment of high glory on the world stage was quashed while he was ignominiously ushered away to luxurious isolation.

The Anticlimax

Instead of the scheduled St Patrick’s Day meeting Michael Martin held a video meeting with President Biden. They discussed the Ukraine war, President Biden’s plans to visit Ireland and the plight of the undocumented Irish in the States.

The Taoiseach later told the Irish media that was disappointed to miss the White House visit and being isolated in DC for ten days.

Speaking from the famous Blair House across the road from the White House, the Taoiseach made the usual platitudes to the media. Most importantly he said that he plans to chair next week’s Cabinet meeting from Washington DC. He plans to work remotely during the coming days focusing particularly on Ireland’s humanitarian Ukraine response. He made no mention of those untouchables who are refugees in their own country, those unspeakable Irish Homeless.



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