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RTE’s Bias and Corruption Can’t Be Allowed to Continue

RTE has for many years used Irish taxpayer’s money to promote blatant bias against the unborn child, Christianity, traditional family values and free speech.

Now RTE are using the compulsory license fee to exuberant wages to its top earners, while they cry poverty to the government in their brazen attempts to push the government to not only increase the license fee on our citizens but also push for greater fines and jail sentences for people who refuse to pay for this service that they may indeed not avail of.

It took an external audit into a what was deemed a potential financial issue at RTÉ that this information was found that the company publicly understated Ryan Tubridy’s earnings by €345,000 since 2017 as you can read here.

A few years ago RTÉ was pressured into achieving cost savings due to the wider financial circumstances of the organisation and the commitment given by RTÉ in November 2019 to, among a range of measures, reduce the fees paid to RTÉ’s top 10 most highly paid on air presenters by 15%.

However, they made an agreement with Tubridy that with the help of a sponsor, while they would reduce his (declared) wage from the taxpayer they would actually handsomely increase his wage by getting a sponsor to pay the balance in exchange for him appearing at some promo outings for the sponsor.

This agreement by the sponsor did not last longer than a year but when the sponsor couldn’t maintain this massive pay rise under the guise of a pay reduction RTE paid the difference, honouring Tubridy’s massive pay rise at the taxpayer’s expense, all the while publicly declaring that he was paid the apparent pay cut-price.

This comes at a time when RTE are repeatedly lobbying the government to increase the license fee that all TV owners are legally bound to pay using the argument that RTE’s finances are in a dire situation as you can read here

How can they have the competence as a national broadcaster when they lobby the government to imprison and fine Irish citizens for not paying for a service that they either don’t avail or that betrays their values with their corrupt bias.

You can read one of many stories here showing one of RTE’s many examples of pressing the government to also increase measures to target the many people who refuse to pay the forced license fee (all of which goes to RTE and not any other institution).

Despite being a public broadcaster, RTE has used our taxpayers funds to force their bias on the public for decades. This bias tips very favourably towards promotion of pro abortion campaigns in every referendum we ever had, namely the 2018 referendum. They have shown systematic bias against the Christianity, free speech and traditional family values.

This is a story that blew up Thursday. How many other similar cases could be currently covered up by RTE while they would have Irish citizens jailed for not paying for their privileged overpaid bias.

Let’s look at just some of the numerous instances of cruel and conceited bias on behalf of our so-called public broadcasting service.

An example, you may remember when Fr Kevin Reynolds, was “grossly defamed” by RTÉ in the Prime Time Investigates broadcast. He was wrongly accused by RTÉ of having sex with a minor and fathering a child with her. RTE had to apologise and settle to avoid an embarrassing court case. You can read about it here

A Gript media story documenting the revelation that RTE recorded “training” on gender issues from LGBT NGOs. The source of the story is lecturer and academic, Colette Colfer. This story documents her breaking of the story via her series of tweets in her Twitter account as you will see in the article Here 

We have had relentless pro abortion bias with RTE broadcaster, Ray Dempsey, where numerous complaints were upheld by the BAI on a number of separate occasions. Despite that, the culprit, interviewer Ray Dempsey, suffered no consequence. You can read it here

The BAI upheld 3 cases in a row against Ray Darcy, from relentless pro abortion bias as rte presenter. He didn’t care. He seemed to wear it as a badge of honour. BAI , trying to look serious, wrote a warning after several offences. The consequences were no more serious than that.

Here is an Irish Times piece that actually covered the pro abortion influence of RTE in the Together for Yes campaign in the abortion referendum. They documented how this continues after the referendum, where they did a documentary celebrating the yes victory by documenting the campaign. Wendy Grace features in the document, but it was mentioned in the below article as saying, “Wendy Grace, a radio presenter who made a fleeting appearance as a token No campaigner, said that she had been told beforehand that the documentary would be a balanced piece of journalism; it wasn’t. What’s worrying isn’t that the directors of the documentary took that view; it’s that the broadcaster went with it.”

This is a story about the RTE bias in the Savita case pretending that being denied an abortion killed her despite reports stating she died by medical misadventure due to sepsis.

During the Savita case, RTE took advantage of this terrible tragedy by using Savita as a tool to shamelessly push abortion propaganda on the Irish public. This is despite the fact that the HIQA found her cause of death was “medical misadventure” as you can read here

It is blatantly clear that RTE disrespect people who are pro-life, people who are Christian, and they don’t promote free speech. That said, they do insist that we pay them for the privilege to do so, and indeed to overpay their staff while they lie about it. We need to complain to the RTE complaints department and our local TDs.


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