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Canadian province no longer permits doctors to mutilate children

Outrage as children now barred from having body parts removed.

Worldwide outrage follows at the draconian measures announced by the Canadian legislature of Alberta, Canada.


Premier Danielle Smith declared unambiguously that children will no longer have the right to force taxpayers to pay willing physicians to cut off their genitalia. Thankfully there is still room for sixteen year olds and older to block their  own physical development- But only as long as there is parental consent. However, this is a small consolation which is further mitigated by the fact that boys who realise they want to be girls will no longer be able to physically dominate women in sport.

Klara Mannderaufumzugbesteht of the WHO Agency For Lovingly Removing Childrens’ Flesh was evidently apopleptic at the news. In the brief and trauma-laden phone conversation we had with zer, Klara was wailing uncontrollably, screaming and breaking objects in zer office. In fact, so outraged was ze, that ze eventually damaged zer computer which prematurely ended our conversation. Later we discovered Klara’s UN offices in Geneva had been set ablaze and it took several hours for 10 units of the Geneva fire brigade to dampen the flames. Investigations into the mysterious event are ongoing, and Mannderaufumzugbesteht has not been seen since. Anyone with information on zer whereabouts is asked to contact several UN agencies on this list.

If the WHO is on fire, then where do humans find reassurance and comfort?

The news of Alberta’s initiative was celebrated by Billboard Chris, a cynical one man movement which targets the butchering of innocent children. In a wildly hate-filled interview, Chris spoke with fellow terrorist spokesman Dan Dicks of Press For Truth. In the interview both men expressed views that frankly are so abhorrent we don’t want to repeat them here. Instead, please find a link but be warned: This content is difficult to watch.

Billboard Chris and Dan Dicks- Dangerous right wing terrorist organisers



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