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British Police Officer Offends Every Lesbian On The Planet

West Yorkshire Police must not be allowed to get away with this.

In a stunning development a British Police Officer has caused massive outrage amongst lesbians worldwide, giving rise to calls for West Yorkshire Police to be investigated for Hate Crime.

Police thing looks on as several male colleagues explain victim hierarchy to a disabled 16 year old girl.

“Clearly Police officers’ most important role is to protect themselves from feeling hurt- everything else comes second- Except where specially selected groups are concerned.” said Butch Rotweiler a spokesthing for the International League of the Lost (ILL). “This officer was referred to as looking like a lesbian. We still don’t know what her current tastes are, but instead of standing up for her courageous position of looking exactly like a lesbian, she chose to shame lesbians by having the commentator arrested. The commentator, being a sixteen year old girl with autism and scoliosis was simply admiring her courage as far as we can see.”

The arrest incident, which involved two classes of the oppressed (Lesbians vs Disabled), brings into focus the burning question of victim status. Obviously the two ladies involved are on the official victim heirarchy list of People Seeking Your Charity Humility and Obsequience (PSYCHO)

The current up to date PSYCHO list is as follows:

Butch Rotweiler realised she had made a mistake in her previous statement, which she then corrected. “My apologies. The commentator in question as we can see is not on this victim list, as there is only so much room at the top and we can’t solve everyone’s problem, though we do try very hard. Like everything else the problem comes down to money. We constantly need more money for administration, advertising, lobbying, socialising (for networking purposes and employee morale), expenses, travel and accommodation, extensive research, and also for doing our important work.”

Alison Lowe is in charge of Crime and Policing in West Yorkshire. (Photo taken on Don’t Bother Wearing Your Uniform Day.)

Getting back to the issue of West Yorkshire Police, who are obviously doing a great job at protecting those on the PSYCHO list.

A recent BBC news report stated that they are just not getting the Hate Crime figures up fast enough. “We need more arrests.” said Rotweiler. “We need more reporting and we need to come up with more creative ways to get people arrested. The prisons aren’t going to fill themselves. We don’t want to be forced into the position of rounding up the entire country just in case they might commit a Hate Crime, although nothing is off the table.” said Butch Rotweiler.

Need to report a Hate Crime to the West Yorkshire Police? Click the button below.



Also here is their phone number. ++44 (0)800 555 111

Please only report genuine suspected hurt feelings of others, or yourself. Thank you.


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