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The Awesome Power Of Stupid

Globalists underestimate the effectiveness of this unique human quality.

The most powerful and unlimited force in the universe


Human stupidity, it would seem, is without limitation, for just when we think we have observed maximum stupidity, we are perpetually surprised to find that there are more levels to discover*; And yet stupidity is one of the most subjective qualities in human existence. Any given object of discussion may be viewed as a work of genius by one observer and a work of pointless rubbish by the next. Stupidity always contains elements of irony, whereby the process of achieving a stated goal or status itself achieves the opposite; But this calls into question what our goal is, and whether by our actions, we are getting closer to or further away from that goal; Thus, in order to judge whether something is or isn’t stupid, we have to define and agree what our goals are. With that in mind, let’s define our goals. The examples below fall into three categories.

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Logic
  3. Life or death

Each example is assigned a number 1 – 3 to indicate which category it falls into. With regard to aesthetics, most people will argue that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and therefore can never be called “stupid”; But somehow we all seem to be able to agree whether a given person is or isn’t good-looking, or whether a painting is or isn’t shit. (Let’s not pretend). This obliterates the notion that aesthetics isn’t objective, because it plainly is.


Gucci charges you £725 for their cheapest pair of ripped jeans. Why would anyone pay good money to look poor? How on earth did the marketeers pull this one off? It turns out to be surprisingly easy. Get Madonna to wear ripped jeans in a few music videos and photo-shoots. Keep pushing the idea occasionally until it eventually catches fire. What used to be considered looking like a moron is now considered to be the height of fashion. Finding something cool to wear these days is as simple as looking in a dumpster. If you need fashion tips, just find some homeless and destitute people to do a photo shoot. Present your findings at the next Versace board meeting and get showered with praise for your originality and genius. Can’t be bothered to look presentable? Help is at hand with the latest fashion magazines that elevate fat-and-ugly or starving-to-death looks to the aesthetic pedestals that they truly deserve.

Madonna had an argument with some razor wire.

Shut up and die. (3)


2020: Governments everywhere, under orders from the World Health Organisation, got everyone to suddenly forget millenias worth of common sense by convincing them to stay indoors and ingest their body’s own waste products through the wearing of masks; avoiding: human contact; fresh air; sunlight and exercise, all for the sake of “personal health”. In addition they made it illegal to broach a 2km zone, and imposed a criminal conviction and a fine for disobeying. Then they gave their vassals a dangerous experimental injection. Instead of paying them for taking part in a hazardous clinical trial, people were charged through taxes.

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“I can’t breathe” (2)


2019: Saintly status was bestowed upon a crack-head unfortunately killed by a cop. Next, Patrisse Cullors, capitalising on his death, founded a new marxist political movement and thus became a multi-millionaire from the donated money. Also a fund for said crack-head gained $13.4 million in donations and a town square in Minneapolis was named after him, thus helping to ensure the money keeps rolling in.

Wakey-wakey. (1)


2014: Facebook managed to get millions of people to film themselves pouring buckets of freezing water over their heads to raise money for drug research. This was amply assisted by vast army of celebrity figures.

Bend over and show us your junk. (1)


2008: The photographer Spencer Tunick persuaded tens of thousands of people from various parts of the globe to bend over naked, reveal their arses to the world and have them recorded in the most extraordinary ways imaginable forever on the internet ; He persuaded them to be photographed appearing like holocaust victims or participants in satanic rituals- all without paying them a penny. Tunick brought his extraordinary experiment to Cork, Dublin, Montreal, Melbourne, Lyon, London, Newcastle-Gateshead, Santiago, New York, Mexico City, Barcelona and even a glacier in Switzerland. Our hats off to Mr. Tunick. He did precisely what he was told.

Nope. This wasn’t photoshopped, and it’s not from the Holocaust archives.

Drink up. (2)


1945: Councils around the world added a rat poison ingredient to drinking water in order to stop teeth from rotting, even though it has no such benefits. Why? Alcoa and other corporations were having problems getting rid of toxic waste, and so they hired Edward Bernays, the “father of propaganda*” to convince governments everywhere to dump it into water supplies.

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The perennial coup d’État. (2)


Without a doubt, the most brilliant deployment of the Stupotron Bomb is the election cycle. It is so simple and yet so devastatingly effective. It works repeatedly and without diminishing impact, no matter how many times you use it. Here’s a very short and sweet overview of how it works:

1. Use the printing presses to provide loans to all the political parties (Which are mainly two, but we also fund the others in order to provide “balance” and “fairness” etc.) for their election campaigns on the basis that they don’t have to be repaid. even if they lose- Unless they misbehave. Obviously.

2. On the run-up, get your puppets to promise the earth, moon and stars to the electorate.

3. When your “government” gets in, give them their new orders which naturally don’t include the earth moon and stars.

4. Get the “opposition” to fight for even more things you want done. If reinforcements are required, get groups of “grassroots” school children or socialists to wave banners and shout in front of your cameras to provide a soothing, sedative effect for the public as they watch or read the evening news.

5. Tell the “government” to “give in to the demands of the opposition” after they’ve had a good old Punch & Judy session duly reported with a straight face by your media.

(Remember to use your press to slander anyone you don’t want near power and maintain silence about everything else- Unless you change your mind of course.)

6. Each election, provide a dumber, more incompetent figurehead than the last, ensuring that he, she or it carries on the business of the previous administration.

7. Rinse and repeat.

“I can’t believe they voted us in again.” 😂



The stupidity of common folk is more powerful than the oceans, more reliable than gravity and more useful (In the hands of a Globalist) than a Swiss army knife. It has been successfully deployed by the Elite for millennia to deceive, divide, detain and discard the slave classes; But it has never been used with enough conviction to achieve our Globalist aspirations. As we approach the end game to world domination, we must ensure we can complete the job.

Human stupidity is our ultimate weapon. To ignore it’s awesome power is… well… unforgivably stupid.


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