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Statement from East Wall Anti – Asylum Policy Committee

We the people of East Wall must bring to your attention, the current state of affairs at the ESB building. Through our protests, which began last year outside the building, we suppressed the ability for hostile, aggressive, perverted military aged males to have it their way. We pre-emptively brought their marauding to a halt. As our protests intensified, the media ran cover for these people. We were told they were well meaning.

We can confirm to you the reader, that the residents of East Wall have since been subjected to a litany of unacceptable abuse, intimidation and lawlessness. We have witnessed ambulances at the building on an almost daily basis. Puddles of blood have regularly been found in the immediate area along with large groups of males drinking in the alleyways and side streets. The situation, we can confirm, has only escalated since we stepped back from blocking roads and protesting outside the building.

Having listened to our own neighbours and friends and admittedly criticism from further afield about the blocking of roads and the protests at the building, we moved to a model of pop up protests around Dublin. These were effective but unfortunately left the gate to the field open in regards to the pack of criminals and scammers that reside in the ESB building. We have seen an explosion of crime and incidents in the area since we stopped gathering and marching. Toddlers have been approached and picked up in front of their mothers, waitresses in shops have had demands made of them to provide massages, children have been chased home and routinely are getting solicited for sex, the women too. Large gangs of Georgian men are drinking in the area daily, posturing and jeering at locals. One of the worst incidents we have experienced is that of a 15-year-old African migrant threatening to rape two young boys, claiming he had raped two people already and made a claim that he had a knife and would use it to stab them.

The lawlessness in and around the area has been completely ignored by An Garda Síochána. The level of trauma the people of East Wall have endured at the hands of the residents of the ESB Building has reached a point of fever pitch. We have arrived at the inevitable conclusion that we must return to the Streets to restore order to the North Inner City. Our stance, which has not changed since we started this in November of 2022, is that the building has to close. We know our streets are lost without us there, random violence and crime has increased right throughout the Inner City and the wider city in line with the increase in uncontrolled migration.

We will take no lectures from Main Stream Media who have failed to speak to anyone involved in our protests but have rather given oxygen to woke state funded shills who parrot the State line, he who pays the piper calls the tune. We understand now that when we listen attentively to those who see no wrong in these centres that we have been entertaining the notions of psychopaths. We will not make that mistake again. We are calling on the people of East Wall to take back our streets, beginning with gatherings on Wednesday, 26th July at 6pm at various local points. East Wall haven’t gone away and we intend to make that message loud and clear over the coming period.

Erin go Bragh

East Wall Committee


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