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The Military Industrial Complex will keep us entertained.

People forget the vital role that the arms industry plays in preventing our young men from sliding into a deep, dark pit of boredom.


When it comes to sheer entertainment, it is hard to compete with war. How can a life spent in study, farming, or raising a family fulfil the needs of any red-blooded young male? These may have seemed reasonable pursuits back in the Dark Ages, but what place do they have in our 21st Century? Some might suggest we could satisfy such needs with video games and drugs as proposed by Russell Brand’s good friend Yuval Noah Harari, but why waste all that human potential when we can use it to supply ourselves with actual real tangible war booty?

The War On Boredom


In order to maintain our momentum towards world domination, we must at all costs promote fear of boredom. The word should be shunned, shamed, banned and reviled; No-one must be allowed an opportunity to spend a moment alone with their thoughts lest it might lead to introspection; Let’s remember that introspection is the enemy of profit.

The War On Fulfilment


In addition to the above, we must constantly be on our guard against the promotion of self-fulfilment. There are countless books, plays, movies, websites, channels and blogs spanning from early history to the present day that support the idea of finding satisfaction and meaning in life. This is what we Globalists must resist with all our might. (Fortunately the EU is ironically playing it’s part in shutting down any such kinds of communication that doesn’t serve our purposes.)

Ukraine vs Gaza: Which is your favourite?


Nothing invites engagement more than being presented with choice. That is why we need not just one major world conflict to keep us entertained; We need two (or more?) There are countless ways to dissect such spectacles: Which war is better? Which has the cooler weapons? Who is your favourite TV entertainer turned military commander? Ladies and gentlemen I ask you, who needs Love Island when you’ve got Hate Wasteland?

Donald Duck: What better way to promote Globalist war efforts? A scene from Der Fuhrers Face 1943 Watch it here;

Let’s Keep This Show On The Road


When we look back at recent history we see how beautifully orchestrated our wars have been; how entertaining their dramatis personae. In this, we must pay tribute to our many talented art directors to whom we owe so much, even if sometimes we may have needed to terminate their contracts sooner than intended. Unfortunately we cannot name these dedicated artists for fear that the Little People might notice and become upset.

Legends Of The Stage

Without politicians we wouldn’t have war. That is why we must pay tribute to those who have served us immeasurably in it’s promotion: People who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and send millions to their death all for the cause of profit and entertainment. They will never be forgotten.

Memorable war quotes

Madeleine Albright US Secretary of State


We think the price is worth it.” [Referring to the slaughter of half a million Iraqi children due to US sanctions. May 12, 1996]

George W Bush US President


We found the weapons of mass destruction” and “I wasn’t happy when we found out there wasn’t weapons [of mass destruction in Iraq]” and “I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.” (There are so many diamond quotes from this man but so little time.)

Tony Blair UK Prime Minister


[Saddam Hussein has] chemical and biological weapons, which could be activated within 45 minutes.” Parliamentary debate, House of Commons. 24th September 2002.


There are so many names we could mention, but the list is too long. All we can say to each of you is thank you for the memories.




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