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Finland, Sweden and Poland Rock the European Union

As EU plans for everything from migration to Green issues infringe on the rights and the very sovereignty of an increasing number of European countries and people see democracy being ignored and eroded they are beginning to threaten the very fabric of the EU. Unless Brussels begins to respect the nations and the people of Europe the “European Experiment” will not just come to a grinding halt but will crash into smithereens against the angry people of Europe. Meanwhile Irelands spineless government and opposition bend to every Brussels whim. Jump says Brussels. How high says Dublin as Ireland is swamped with illegal economic migrants and refugees.

No Surrender Says Finland

Finland’s new government has put itself on a collision course with the European Union as it plans to oppose the surrendering any more powers to Brussels. The new government of Finland flatly says no surrender. The European Union wants ever closer union and more money from member states. Finland’s centre right party won the most seats in last month’s election. It plans to oppose the surrender of any more powers or more money to Brussels. However, Brussels has other ideas. “Finland will not commit to measures that would shape the European Union into an isometric income transfer Union. The recovery instrument was an exceptional one off solution that should not serve as a precedent.” The new Finnish government said, and it went on. “The government will maintain and deepen Finland’s multi-sectoral links to the United Kingdom. It will promote a strong partnership between the UK and the EU.” Finland has plans to arrest and imprison illegal immigrants and turn refugee status into a temporary arrangement.

EU Headaches Grow and Grow

Additional headaches for the EU come as migrants storm Paris demanding housing over French Citizens where French President Macron is haemorrhaging support to Marine Le Pen with French MP Jaqueline McCay likening it to an advancing tsunami. Meanwhile Poland “rejects masses of immigrants to the EU citing human trafficking and refuses to allow this to continue. Warsaw says it will refuse to pay a €22,000 fine for each person it declines to host. Poland has entered into crunch talks aimed at making radical changes to the EU’s migration and asylum laws claiming that the proposals could result in a “step back” to 2015 when a million swarmed into the EU”. Poland’s parliament has passed a resolution condemning the EU’s proposed migration relocation scheme. Polish leader Jaroslav Kaczynski also announced that a referendum will be organised to allow the Polish people to vote on the EU plan which smacks of democracy an anathema to Brussels. “The Sejm of the Republic of Poland expressed its strong opposition to the attempt to introduce measures for the enforced relocation of illegal economic migrants at the European Union level” read the resolution. “We do not agree that Poland should bear the social and financial costs of the bad decisions of another European Union member state” it went on. “The “open door” policy which was pushed through by Germany violates the treaties, turned out to be a huge mistake”.

Even Sweden is Revolting

In Sweden, Sweden Democrats threaten to topple the government over the EU migration plan. “Migration policy should be decided in Sweden – not by bureaucrats in Brussels”, SD leader Jimmie Akesson tweeted. In a further threat to Brussels calls grow for SWEXIT as the leader of Sweden’s second largest party says the country “must take steps so we are prepared to leave the EU”. Even in Germany the so called “far right” is riding high on the anti-immigration and anti-Green agenda.

Farmer Fury in the Netherlands

Farmer anger as a result of the government’s policy to drive farmers off the land in the Netherlands has resulted in a coalition of opposing parties led by the BBB farmers party. This coalition has taking control of all the regional councils from which the Senate is drawn and which as a result they now also dominate. This coalition is putting pressure on the government to put a stop to the EU’s de-farming policy for the Netherlands. The future for the EU in its present form is bleak.


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