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Government Destroying the Fabric of Irish Society – Acting Like Domestic Terrorists

The Dublin governments clandestine activities of covertly moving undocumented and unvetted aliens into urban and rural communities in the dead of night, some of which may be criminals or members of terrorist organisations is in itself an act of domestic terrorism. Apart from Ukrainian refugees from a war torn country all of the others are coming from countries not engaged in war or suffering from famine and therefore are not refugees. They are for the most part economic migrants, a lot of who are turning the former land of saints and scholars into the land of pimps and prostitutes. The more extreme among them are involved in human trafficking and the facilitation of paedophilia. The rate of children disappearing from newly arrived migrants that are disappearing is not being properly investigated.

Fake Humanitarianism

There is nothing humanitarian about this kind of government activity. They are merely facilitating the social destruction of society in the countries from which those migrants are arriving by facilitating the removal of their human capital. That in itself is an international act of terrorism. Those people should be helped in their own countries by facilitating the building of educational facilities, infrastructure and industry by western countries such as Ireland and the EU.

Homogenisation of Human Society

This attempted homogenisation of human society driven by the World Economic Forum, the UN and the EU is bound to fail but in the meantime will cause untold misery and strife in both the countries of origin of those people and their host countries. Look at the destruction of Sweden and Swedish society by the terrorising and lawless activities of the economic migrants they have allowed into their country. Is the Irish government blind to this or are they deliberately complicit on bringing the same horror, lawlessness to Ireland? That Would be an extreme act of domestic terrorism, would it not? Is that what the Dublin Government are engaged in?


  1. Excellent explanation of the present unsustainable situation.
    The people are silent for fear of being classed as racist.
    What is the answer?


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