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Ha Ha Fake News no Laughing Matter

One William Joyce lived in Galway between 1915 and 1921 before emigrating to England. His career ended on the gallows at Wandsworth Prison in London in January 1946. He got hanged for what he said rather than for what he did. Joyce is known to most of the world as Lord Ha Ha. Fake news is no laughing matter and Mr Joyce aka Lord Ha Ha was the master of fake news. He could be relied upon to give a particular angle, to promote a particular emphasis to give a version of events at total variance with reality but delivered in such an authoritative way that it was actually believable. And sixteen million UK citizens listened to him on a nightly basis although few admitted to it. Propaganda can be a dark art.

Dark Art – Dark Science

After the Ha Ha era the Stasi elevated lying from a dark art to a dark science and now RTÉ has bumped it up even further to a falsehood that is the antithesis of veracity and candour. I had the privilege of speaking at a meeting in Merrion Square over a year ago and from the podium I could plainly see that many thousands of people were present. RTÉ announced that a few hundred turned up and the very many who are trusting of main stream media probably took that figure at face value. On another occasion a tiny number of Marxist protesters made their presence known, as is their right to do so, as the main march was happening. RTÉ reported that a protest and counter protest took place failing to mention that the counter protest was minuscule, again carefully giving a misleading impression.

Ha Ha Hate Speech Narrative Control

‘Hate speech’ laws attempt to control narrative simply by making it illegal to express certain opinions while allowing other opinions to be expressed freely no matter how damaging or inaccurate they might be. There are those who hate the truth. There are those who wish to close down debate so that a particular version of events is elevated to gospel status and all other versions banished. At least nobody believed the Stasi and of course by the time Joyce gave his last broadcast few believed him either. But there are still those who believe mainstream media and government.

The Great Betrayal is Crumbling

It is comfortable not to have to think for yourself, let somebody else do the thinking. But this attitude is changing as people realise the great betrayal that has occurred. From Covid to climate to immigration to LGBQT ideology people are now wakening up. The government and official media are saying one thing and the people are saying something else, something totally different. Is it not written in John 8.32 about the truth making you free so what about lies, propaganda, falsehood, sophistry and the whole spectrum of dishonesty, they must do the opposite, they must enslave. Patriotic citizens are wakening up this great nation, some stand boldly in conspicuous places with yellow and black Hold the Line boards, some rally to protect their communities against migrant violence, some work tirelessly to alert parents about the corrupting influence of transgender ideology in the new school curriculum. Each in our own way. But when truth rises falsehood and deceit crumbles. The last words of the religious reformer Jan Hus as he burned at the stake were ‘Pravda Víteží, truth conquers. It always does,it will conquer here to, government, fake opposition, fake media nota bene!



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