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O’Gorman’s Cromwellian Plantation

As Ireland experiences a relentless flood of asylum invaders and refugees, the Dublin government Integration Minister Roderic O’Gorman, together with his ministerial colleagues continue to insist that Ireland has an “international obligation” to accept the arriving of limitless illegal migrant numbers. O’Gorman and the government are blatantly lying. Together with Denmark, Ireland has an opt-out or opt-in clause on justice and immigration measures under the Lisbon Treaty,” Under a Lisbon Treaty exemption Ireland and Denmark have “no obligation” to take in refugees or migrants.  However, “Ireland voluntarily agreed to fully participate in the EU relocation and resettlement schemes set up in response to the migrant crisis that peaked in 2015,”The EU has never forced Ireland to take in refugees or immigrants. …Ireland voluntarily agreed to fully participate in the EU relocation and resettlement schemes by accepting up to 4,000 migrants.” In 2021, the European Union said that it had “never forced Ireland to take refugees or immigrants,” stressing that the Irish government “voluntarily” decided to participate in “resettlement schemes” during previous migrant crisis situations.

O’Gorman’s Cromwellian Plantation

Ireland however is signed up to United Nations international conventions regarding refugee policy, such as “the 1951 United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees” as well as its 1967 Protocol. They both outline national responsibilities regarding the handling of asylum seekers. Neither O’Gorman nor the Dublin government have used the UN agreement as their excuse for flooding the country with migrants and planting them in every community in scenes not encountered since the Cromwellian plantation.

Cromwell’s Men Are Here Again

As the song says, “Cromwell’s men are here again” The real motivation of course for O’Gorman, the Dublin Governments enforcers of its ‘open borders’ policy for every illegal migrant without a passport flooding into Ireland is their compliance with orders from their masters in the ‘World Economic Forum’. This is a nefarious plan to destroy Ireland and every nation state. The impact of the Cromwellian Plantation on Ireland was devastating and its impact is still being felt to this day. The Impact of O’Gorman’s new Cromwellian Plantation is likely to have an equally devastating effect on the Irish Nation with horrors reminiscent of the Cromwellian Plantation or worse and with long going consequences. Have we ever had such a bunch of low life traitors running our country?


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