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Roscrea Fury Over Second Migrant Plantation Centre

Roscrea people have been treated with contempt in the usual Dublin governments manner. The are being “kept in the dark” concerning government plans to plant hundreds of additional migrants in their town of just over 5,000 inhabitants. According to Independent Councillor Shane Lee, the only politician speaking out, people have “huge anxiety about policing” and services the 400 new migrants many of them undocumented and without passports in Roscrea. He warned that the “result will be a catastrophe”. He went on: “Earlier additions to the population of the town have already resulted in Roscrea people struggling to access vital services. They feel that their town is being taken over without any engagement or consideration for their needs and they have had no opportunity to establish the facts on what is happening, much less voice an opinion.” Normal planning approval is not required as there is an exemption in place to facilitate emergency accommodation using the Ukraine refugee influx as an excuse. The majority of migrants arriving in Ireland are not Ukrainians. The new migrant facility is claimed to be developed in accordance with ‘current’ building regulations with the following projections.

  • Phase 1, maximum capacity 132 anticipated delivery summer 2023
  • Phase 2, maximum capacity 70 anticipated delivery summer 2023
  • Phase 3, maximum capacity 100 anticipated delivery autumn 2023
  • Phase 4, maximum capacity 100 anticipated delivery end January 2024.

Muted Political Response

Government TD for the area, Jackie Cahill, told the Tipp FM local radio station that Roscrea’s former Sacred Heart Convent and secondary school were being turned into an accommodation centre for 402 migrants.  Non-elected and co-opted Councillor Sean Ryan now Cathaoirleach (Chairman) of the Municipal Council for the Roscrea Thurles and Templemore area was nowhere to be found for comment and is obviously keeping a low profile with nothing to say,

Preparation for construction work began on the premises some time ago leading to fears that it would be turned into a “Migrant Plantation Centre” in a town already struggling to deal with the effects of its existing “Migrant Plantation Centre” located in Corville House. The local political response has been muted with politicians of every party disgracefully running for cover.

No Consultation

In his usual cowardly manner, the Dublin government’s Minister for Integration, Roderick O’Gorman who is in charge of this poisoned chalice, failed to consult with the people of Roscrea concerning his plans to flood Roscrea with migrants. “Basically, the people of Roscrea are being kept in the dark”, said Independent Councillor Shane Lee complained as he elaborated, “Not informing people of their plans has resulted in a backlash from many people, with rumours spreading that a second Direct Provision Centre could be located in the premises. One already exists in Roscrea… Services in Roscrea are already under severe pressure. Accessing GP and medical services as well as securing school places are some of the key concerns that local people have raised with me…. There is also huge anxiety around policing in the town, as the Garda Station is significantly under-resourced and is only open to the public for limited periods during the day. At night, the town is dependent on Gardaí being dispatched from Stations in nearby towns some twenty miles away”. He told reporter local Darren Keegan that people were “angry with the secrecy around plans” and feel “they have a right to know what is happening in their hometown”.Councillor Shane Lee told Tipp FM that “Earlier additions to the population of the town have already resulted in Roscrea people struggling to access vital services. They feel that their town is being taken over without any engagement or consideration for their needs and they have had no opportunity to establish the facts on what is happening, much less voice an opinion,” He further warned: “This lack of information and consultation is resulting in frustration. People feel that the owner and the Minister also need to hear the views of the Gardai, local Doctors, schools and transport providers as their services are critical to further expanding the population of the town…. If these critical services can not be provided the result will be a catastrophe,” he concluded.

Cahill’s Weasel Statement

Local Leinster House TD Jackie Cahill who is a member of the government responsible for the Roscrea “migrant plantation” lamely acknowledged the people’s frustrations in his weasel statement on Tipp FM saying. “I think you would have to go back to the Government department and actually in the briefing I got from the Minister yesterday he recognised that this is an issue. He said we are so busy trying to get accommodation and getting resources for the refugees and making sure that the local communities aren’t impacted we are forgetting about the PR with local communities and I think you know that has to be done.”

The Department of Integration with responsibility for this new Cromwellian style plantation of Ireland has been contacted for comment. They are probably consulting the late unlamented Oliver Cromwell for a reply. He will probably say “To Hell or to Connaught” to those with concerns while the plantation goes on at a break neck pace.

Secret Plot by Government

This, not so secret, agenda comes from a treacherous government who publicly say they plan to increase the population of Ireland to 10 million. They refuse to explaining how they plan to achieve this or answer any questions as to how they will do it, or if it is with mass immigration is a secret known only to them. Meanwhile Roscrea and almost every city, town and community in Ireland are reeling under blow after blow.

The Government Needs to Answer the Following Questions

  • Why are the government ignoring the law and allowing plane loads of aliens with no passports to get past immigration at our ports of entry.
  • Why, when there is a critical housing shortage are they advertising for people to come here from parts of the world with promises of immediate housing?
  • Why are they lying to communities that they are facilitating Ukrainian women and children refugees when busloads of military age men from everywhere arrive.
  • Why is it mainly military aged men who are seeking asylum here?
  • Why, when we are facing a recession and massive inflation are they paying millions on Social Welfare to illegal immigrants.
  • If the government is not acting in the public interest of the Irish people, whose interest are they acting on?
  • NGO’s – involved in the migrant invasion. Who are they and why do we need them and how much we are paying for them
  • Are the WEF now running the Irish government?
  • What outside entity is driving the government plans and policies?
  • Who is driving the medias lies, omissions and misinformation regarding Irelands worst crisis Ireland since the Cromwellian Plantation?
  • Is it a waste of time to request, no, demand a Government explanation?
  • Has any impact assessment been made of the effects of inflicting masses of migrants in Irish communities?

When the Dublin government refuse to answer any of these questions we the Irish people must look at the facts rapidly unravelling before our eyes and we must come to our own conclusions. You could be in the next Roscrea.

A Government Conspiracy

A government conspiracy of monstrous proportions which is no conspiracy theory is in progress in a very visibly military style operation. The government are contemptuously sneering at the people speaking up and asking questions while debunking everything they say and classifying anyone expressing concerns as conspiracy theorists. Every responsible Irish man and woman should do their own research to filter through the government and media disinformation and downright lies. The Irish people must wake up now or suffer the consequences for generations as a despised and enslaved underclass in their own country just as in Cromwellian times. The Cromwellian plantation of Roscrea was set in motion in Roscrea in 1653 and has now returned in 2023.


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