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Joy and Laughter Are Outlawed in Ireland

Puritanism returns to Ireland as Anti-Hate-Speech Law gets an oppressive upgrade. Oliver Cromwell would be delighted and proud of the activities of the Leinster House regimes Minister for Justice Helen McEntee who, reminiscent of Cromwellian Puritanism dourly stated “It is hoped that Ireland will become a beacon of hope for those who need us to take a stand against those who continue to enjoy life.”

Puritanism, a 16th and 17th centuries bigoted religious movement was embraced by Cromwell and his followers. Puritans were noted for their dour and bigoted version of moral and religious fervour that controlled their whole way of life which they sought to impose on the entire population. It sought to “purify” the Church of England of all remnants of Catholicism and “Popery”. Their efforts contributed to the civil war in England. Puritanism may primarily be defined by the violent intensity of the religious expression it fostered and attempted to impose on everyone. Now Helen McEntee is reintroducing a “woke” version of Puritanism with her equally repressive hate laws which are a thinly veiled effort to completely suppress the freedom of speech and its expression in Ireland. This is a direct violation of the protection of the freedom of speech in the 1937 constitution.

Puritanical Repression

Ireland until now was universally regarded as the home of “Céad Mile Fáilte” (One hundred thousand welcomes) and “The Craic” (Joyful merriment). Under McEntees new law Ireland is to embrace a puritanical role in the policing of self-expression, be it written, verbal, non-verbal or even implied. Reminiscent of the 16th and 17th century puritanical repression McEntee emphasised, “It is hoped that Ireland will become a beacon of hope for those who need us to take a stand against those who continue to enjoy life.”

Cromwell’s Days Are Here Again

In a government imposed atmosphere of “wokeness” where any spineless malcontent chooses to be offended by an utterance or perceived utterance and who makes a complaint to the Gardaí accusing someone of offending them, it will be regarded under McEntees new act as having committed a serious criminal offence. Anything which is perceived by the so-called “victim” “or any other person to, in whole or in part, be motivated by what they claim to be hostility or prejudice, based on actual or perceived age, disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender will be deemed to have committed a criminal offence. That repressive Act is designed to shut up any comments or arguments that don’t agree with the official State pandemic of “wokeness” now being imposed on the population of Ireland. In defence of her Act Mc Entee says “Smiling and laughing can lead to hate. I don’t laugh much myself and I can’t see why anyone else should find it so difficult to forego this compulsion. There are much more important considerations to daily life than having fun. Some of us are constantly at risk of being offended. It’s all very well to have a little chuckle or a smile, but when that could lead to a person feeling sad or simply left out of the conversation, then we have a very dangerous situation on our hands.” Don’t worry, Helen has an Act to knock the smile off of your face and criminalise you. Cromwell’s days are here again complete with a new plantation which you cannot mention.


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