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If This Act is Enforced, We Will All Be “Far Right” Criminals

The proposed Irish Law criminalizing “Hate Speech” is way beyond scary. If the authorities could read your mind you would go to jail. In Ireland or in any other country in which such legislation is enacted it spells the end of democracy. Without freedom of speech there cannot be any semblance of democracy. Freedom of expression is the corner stone of democracy.

You can be sent to prison for criticising the government or their actions because they can classify what you have said as ‘Hate Speech’ and since ‘Hate Speech’ is undefined in the Irish act they can decide that any criticism or vocal or written opposition to the government can be classified as such if they so choose. The very expression of your thoughts could land you in prison. Basically, they can decide what ‘Hate Speech’ is as they go along. Indeed, Elon Musk is quite right for alluding to people going to prison for having anything on their phone or computer that the government decides is hateful. It could in fact be something that had been sent to you that was not even shared by you. You may not have even read it.

Imagine the following scenario. If a member of the public or a Garda doesn’t like you, they can have something that could be classified as ‘Hate Speech’ sent to your phone or computer. They could then obtain a search warrant and seize your phone or computer. They would inevitably find the offending ‘planted Hate Speech’ and have sufficient ‘evidence’ to send you to prison.

The criminalization of free speech and free thought are not confined to Ireland, they are the brainchild of the World Economic Forum and are spreading into other liberal Democracies like a disease as well. You will find such legislation in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Hate Speech and other means of censorship were the major themes of the elites at Davos a few weeks ago. Musk alone of his class has courage, the principles, and the generosity of spirit to resist this.


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