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Everyone blames the nazis

It’s a question that is repeated ad nauseam since the end of World War II:

Der Fuhrer

How could such an evil man bring a vast population under his spell? How could he be allowed to order the butchering and experimentation of Jews, the handicapped, gypsies, Marxists and dissenters? Let us explore the breath-taking suppositions that are buried within these questions. To begin with, we must look at the thought processes of the man who came to be known as Der Fuhrer.

The book most readily quoted by Hitler’s critics is, naturally enough, the one which he wrote himself. Mein Kampf was written by a man who had been locked away by society for the terrible crime of exploring his innate talents of persuasion; Granted, early on he favoured a more direct, fast-tracked approach to achieving his goals which involved the use of firearms; But he soon learned to soften his stance and put away his weapons to focus on powers of persuasive rhetoric along with his magical wordsmith and ally Joseph Goebbels. Here was a mercurially talented individual who had been down on his luck; Discharged from the army, he had tried his hand at painting but when that didn’t work out, instead of wallowing in self-pity he went to find an honest day’s work in German military intelligence.

The Tragically Flawed Interpretation Of A Marvellous Book



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