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Gender Bender Department of Education

Education Minister Norma Foley and the Ombudsman for Children need to pay attention to the voices of parents and even children. The Department of Education have gone gender bender and completely ‘woke’ and have completely abandoned all sense of reality. They have gone so far as to instruct teachers to use ‘personal pronouns’ when introducing themselves to their classes and not to use such ‘outdated’ phrases as “Boys and Girls“. The implicit suggestion is that there are more than two genders and that gender is malleable and can be changed at will. To hell with science.

Suggestions Today Tomorrow What?

Today the department is making a strong suggestion. Tomorrow it could very well mean losing one’s teaching job for espousing or suggesting scientific and biological reality or traditional values. The teachers Unions are fully in agreement with this madness so should a teacher come into conflict with his/her employer they will get no union support. That is an anathema to the very idea of education. This is not just unfair, it’s against the very idea of education, their right to freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.

Gender Bender Zombies

This isn’t just about today, it’s about tomorrow and the future of our children. Do you want them to become confused, indoctrinated gender bender zombies? Use your voices as parents to protect your children from this nonsense. Imagine one day your child comes home from school and you ask how the day went. However, you weren’t expecting a discussion about gender myths. You learn that one of his/her classmates is not Andy anymore but, now wants to be called Andrea. He is now a “she.” At least, that’s what your child says. Now everyone at school is required by both the teachers, the teacher’s unions and the Department of Education to have your child to play along. Andy has become gender dysphoric and has switched his gender identity. The pressure is on your child now.


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