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A New Ireland Blueprint VII

National Oversight Commission

The final addition to this set of proposals is a Checks and Balances Oversight Commission like a powerful Constitutional Ombudsman Oversight Commission with superior powers to the Supreme Court. The National Oversight Commission bears no relationship to any organisation of a somewhat similar name.

No government including democratic governments beyond a certain level including government departments, their personnel, all organs of state and other elite or powerful entities is accountable to anyone for their misdeeds despite their loudest protestations to the contrary. Neither direct democracy; recall legislation or impeachment legislation are sufficiently effective control mechanisms to truly deal with high level misdeeds to a truly acceptable level of accountability.

Constitutional Accountability

The constitution is now regarded by legislators as an impediment to their self serving legislative activities rather than a safeguard for the people. The Leinster House administration have recently and are currently enacting repressive legislation that is repugnant to the constitution and human rights that the President signs into law at their behest without question. There is little point in taking a Supreme Court challenge as the court invariably backs the legislature. For example they are about to totally subvert the constitution and the peoples constitutional rights by completely and illegally bypassing those rights. They have already agreed to illegally give away all your rights by signing a constitutionally subverting international treaty to give the World Health Organisation complete control of our lives in the advent of a health threat real or concocted in the form of a pandemic that the WHO can call at any time for the purpose of gaining complete control of your life for any reason. This is the most treacherous act ever about to be perpetrated on the Irish people. It is totally unconstitutional and illegal. Yet no media voice is crying for a halt to it. They are busy distracting you with the Ukrainian and other dramas. You are being betrayed by every level of the establishment.

Parasitic Destruction

In between voting pay raises for themselves they are busy creating more bureaucracy that impedes business development and growth, destroys native businesses, opening borders to all and sundry, enacting ridiculous gender legislation, creating repressive revenue generating penalties, fermenting a housing crisis through extreme incompetence, legislating to house migrants before Irish people who are left homeless, making housing a money game for hedge funds and multinational exploiters, enacting legislation to protect multinational pharmaceutical corporations, multinationals in general and banks in particular by giving them incentives and tax breaks never given to an Irish entrepreneur. Most of the present crop of legislators would not be in power or would be in jail with a proper oversight commission. The behaviour of corrupt legislators prevents honest people from becoming involved in the political process and enshrines corruption as the norm.

Judicial Accountability

The Supreme Court is failing miserably in its role in upholding the constitution and safeguarding its values. Bringing a case before them is prohibitively costly and they cannot be trusted to uphold the constitution. There is no judicial accountability with judges ignoring their constitutional obligations and abusing their power with impunity. There is little or no accountability for judicial misdeeds. This has led to a degree of arrogance that enables the judiciary at the highest levels to take upon themselves quazi legislative powers to implement or change laws. Courts routinely accept forged and false documents presented by banks without question in property foreclosure cases with a nod and a wink to the banks. Lower courts increasingly ignore constitutional considerations in their determinations and make judgements that are totally unconstitutional. The Irish court system is a closed system with no accountability from top to bottom that has turned into a ‘free for all’ run by a small elite that offers no justice or accountability for the general populace. The result is a very real sense of powerlessness and lawlessness among the people.

Financial accountability

Banks have robbed and stolen with impunity and go into court with false and forged documentation on a daily basis which are accepted with the connivance of the judicial system at all levels.

The prohibitive cost of taking on a criminal case against a powerful corporation, a government, a government department, a government agency or an institution with great financial resources makes it financially prohibitive for ordinary people to achieve justice. Justice in this financial free ‘not for all’ is strictly for the rich and financially powerful. Judicial greed has completely undermined the rule of law. There is a high price for justice.

Banks and Financial Institutions use bullying, coercion and violence and play havoc with the rule of law in pursuit of unjust and unlawful financial gains knowing there will be no accountability.

Lack of true accountability with little or no likelihood of recrimination has enabled the system to pursue a degree of lawlessness that is truly astonishing. Governments are well aware of this but since it works primarily to their advantage they have no intention of doing anything about it. The facade of justice is simply that, a facade and is nothing more than window dressing. Without proper oversight and with serious accountability this will continue indefinitely. There is no longer any legal or constitutional accountability for the people.


Charities operate with impunity like business corporations for the benefit of their administrators rather than charity. Raised funds aren’t forensically examined and charities are getting away with giving as little as 1% of the millions they raise for worthy causes. A minimum of at least 50% of funds raised should go to the cause. Charities badly need oversight and regular audits with accountability.


Government licensed media and government funded media abuse free speech, censor opposing views and distort any semblance to truth while dictating their chosen agenda.

Social media Platforms censor free speech and remove controversial content or any content that is contrary to their agenda without sanction unlike in other jurisdictions. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are heavily censored without any semblance of accountability. Some countries have enacted legislation to penalise media censorship but in Ireland it is embraced and encouraged by the establishment.

Investigative or enquiring journalism is discouraged and no longer exists in Ireland’s mainstream media. No hard questions are ever asked of politicians or establishment figures by journalists. It is more than their career is worth. The result is the absence people of integrity occupy any positions of importance or influence in Irish journalism. With no inquiry and accountability no wonder that so many low people occupy so many high places.

The Solution

A National Oversight Commission with sweeping investigative and enforcement powers greater and higher than the Supreme Court and the government with oversight and accountability and the ability to examine, impeach and impose penalties including prison where applicable at every level of government, government departments, the judiciary, and corporate and financial institutions must be created as a vital component of this proposed new system.

The National Oversight Commission would require its own elite investigation department with the ability to investigate every level of government and produce and execute investigations and search warrants with little limitation.

It would have its own elite

  • police investigation corps,
  • forensic accounting corps,
  • a constitutional liquidator,
  • criminal investigators
  • forensic laboratory
  • media monitoring corp

It would also have the ability to deputise anyone in law enforcement, finance or those with expertise in any field to enable it to conduct its business. It would have constitutional oversight over every member of government, every government department and all personnel therein with the same powers of investigation over all bodies with national influence or implications including:

  • The HSE
  • Medical regulatory bodies
  • Financial regulators and financial institutions.
  • Government agencies
  • Government bodies
  • The Gardaízz
  • The Judiciary
  • Government created bodies
  • Government funded bodies
  • Planning bodies and government and local government planning departments
  • Local government and all government department’s
  • Government consultants and advisors
  • Government employees
  • Government and local government contractors
  • Government appointed institutions, committees and Quangos
  • Government suppliers
  • Government appointed regulatory bodies

The constitutional enquiry commission would have its own Grand Jury like court of enquiry with enforcement powers to hold every organ of the state accountable with punitive and exemplary powers to uphold and where necessary to enforce the integrity of the constitution on all organs of the state including the power of

  • impeaching the entire government,
  • impeachment of all government departments and individuals therein including
  • ministers,
  • judges,
  • Gardai to the level of commissioner to account
  • All State Bodies
  • Government agencies
  • Overseas embassies
  • Government Quangos
  • All bodies in receipt of government aid, grants or sanction
  • Planning bodies
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Local Government at all levels

This commission would also have the same oversight powers over

  • Corporate Banks
  • Multinational and national corporations beyond a certain size
  • Monopolies
  • Charities
  • NGO’s
  • Trade Unions
  • National Organisations

Trust in government

The Transaction Tax system proposed in this document could never be entrusted to government as presently constituted. They would double, treble and increase it tens of fold in no time with no accountability, sense of responsibility or consequences.

Remember that VAT which was originally called ‘Turnover Tax’ started at a rate of two and a half percent in Ireland in 1963 (which exempted imports contrary to transaction tax philosophy, mercantilism, economic nationalism and economic sanity) with the promise it wouldn’t be increased beyond that. The rest is history. Managed with integrity Transaction Tax need never go beyond 1%. If the government wants more revenue they would have to stimulate economic growth and activity to generate more revenue. That condition would encourage the government to stimulate economic growth like nothing else ever did or could.

Commission Makeup

Members of the Commission would be recruited strictly from the private sector and in special cases internationally. They must have no connection with the government or the judiciary and no connection with the financial or banking sector other than for the normal business of banking for their business or personal banking. Connections with the media and charities would also be excluded. The perfect profile of a Commissioner would be a maverick like Michael O’Leary. There are many more people with a suitable profile but they prefer to maintain a low profile as they don’t want to associate with or be associated with the present system that is so steeped in self-interest and corruption.




Tom Ryan Copyright 2021



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