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Dodgy Bloke Gets Found Out For Being Dodgy

Who’d have thought?

You can trust me. Honest. 😊

It’s so amusing to watch the Little People swallow Brand’s obvious rhetoric whole, whilst ignoring the constantly repeated clear signals of his true agenda. He may have changed his spots a million times, but the Brand remains the same. Like the Pied Piper (on whose character he based his own illustrated children’s’ book in 2014) Brand styles himself:

[A] Trickster, prankster, trouble-maker, mischief maker.

True to form, he once played a dark Willy Wonka character in the closing ceremony of the London Olympics 2012, though it was in fact a thinly veiled portrayal of the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

From our Globalist perspective, Brand has achieved what few others could ever have: Whipping up a storm of hope and love in the hearts of young socialists everywhere before destroying their image of a saviour on the rocks of “hard-right” rhetoric; Today we find “free speech” enthusiasts being treated with the same kind of contempt in his latest fall from grace. Brand masterfully builds up the hopes and dreams of his followers before ignominiously abandoning them. We tip our collective hat in your direction sir!

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The Humiliator


We all know that there’s nothing more orgasmically fulfilling to us Globalists than public displays of evil, whether it’s flashing Masonic tattoos on camera (like the “33” on Brand’s left wrist); being quite familiar with women and children on TV talk shows; waxing lyrical with Jimmy Savillewhacking off a man in a toilet or producing video segments that suggest congress with infants; Brand revels in pleasing his Master(s).

What Now for The Brand?


Common folk believe that Globalists plan everything in advance but we know that would be no fun. Our game requires that we throw the dice once in a while to see where they land before making our next move. Brand will be fine.

The game is afoot!


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