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Sinn Fein Provo’s Have Replaced the Easter Lily with the World Economic Forum Badge

Sinn Fein’s ultimate symbolic act of treachery is their trading of the traditional Easter Lily badge for the World Economic Forums (WEF) badge of dishonour. This is a very visible statement of their new allegiance and their globalist intent. That is no surprise as they support Antifa and sell their fascist paraphernalia in their Parnell Square shop in Dublin.

The WEF Badge of Dishonour

The public wearing of the WEF badge by Marylou McDonald their president and leading Leinster House TD as well as at public events I a statement of intent. Provisional Sinn Féin are demonstrating that they are now supporting Claus Schwab and his World Economic Forum and their moves for world domination in the form of the much vaunted New World Order. They are happy to be slaves to multinational corporations with a view to removing all semblances of nationalism. It is ironic that they are wearing the same badge as Leo Varadkar’s Fine Gael.

The Sell-out is Complete

They have completely sold out on those who died on hunger strike and all who died in the long thirty year struggle in the north. Yet they regularly turn up at commemorations for those who gave their lives in the struggle. Those are of course prime vote catching opportunities.

Cromwellian Sinn Fein

Back in 2004 Belfast Ógra Sinn Féin backed a motion to boycott the World Economic Forum when they stated that the forum “is not a platform to promote our revolutionary struggle”. The revolutionary struggle is now well forgotten by Sinn Fein who used to yell “Brits Out” and still do on commemorative occasions while welcoming hundreds of thousand undocumented aliens into our cities, towns and villages. Is their new slogan “Brits Out, everybody else in?” Their unambiguous hypocrisy and treachery is breath taking as is their naked greed for power at any cost to the Irish people. If Cromwell was alive they would be backing him. Their previous promises of a 32-county Irish Republic is now well forgotten as they embrace and actively promote the globalist plantation of Ireland. Surely they should now be known as Cromwellian Sinn Fein.


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