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IRB Statement of Clarification

  1. The IRB needs to clarify all the mischievous disinformation and false claims being made by Billy McGuire’s fake IRB. Those people are not the IRB but their activities show that they are intent in its destruction.
  2. The IRB was founded in 1858 in Dublin by patriotic Irishmen of high repute and it had no connection then and has no connection now with Masons or any other organisation. It was founded in Dublin and not the USA as is being stated by those who are either lying or haven’t bothered to do even the most basic research.
  3. The 7 signatories of the 1916 proclamation were all members of the IRB who gave their lives for Ireland. Now their good names and deeds are being insulted by the fake IRB of Billy McGuire whose family’s ships exported grain and horses out of Limerick port to the British Army during the genocide misnamed as the Great Famine. The McGuire’s were always agents of the British Government.
  4. The Billy McGuire organisation are not the IRB. First they called themselves the Irish Fenian and Republican Brotherhood which has no historical existence. They then dropped the Fenian inclusion and now call themselves the IRB which they are not. Billy McGuire’s megalomania and fantasies have no substance outside of his imagination.
  5. The Billy McGuire outfit pretending to be the IRB are collecting money from people for a fraudulent piece of paper which have no validity outside of the imagination of misguided or mischievous people. Where is the money going?
  6. Billy McGuire claims to be president of the “Sovereign Republic of Eire”. No such entity, state or nation has ever existed historically or otherwise outside of Billy McGuire’s imagination.
  7. Their so-called Supreme Council have nothing to do with the real IRB and is another figment of Billy McGuire’s imagination and those who choose to believe in his fantasies for the purpose of collecting money and self-aggrandisement. Their job is to discredit the IRB with their fraudulent activities and bring it into disrepute.
  8. They claim to have a self-appointed Cabinet or Government in waiting elected by nobody and recognised by nobody with no authority from anybody.
  9. The claim that Dolores Cahill is the Chief Justice of the non-existent “Sovereign Republic of Eire” with no legal or lawful training and with no authority from anybody other than the fantasist Billy McGuire and his deluded followers.
  10. The IRB never asks anybody for their Birth Certificate or any other personal documentation nor do they ask anybody for any money for useless bits of paper. Anybody who asks for such documents, does not represent the IRB and are operating under false pretences.
  11. Do not give your documentation to anybody harvesting your private information which is valuable and could be sold on to corporate third parties for large sums of money. For what other reason would anyone want such information?
  12. Use your God given common sense. Do your own research and you will find that those people are either fraudsters or fantasists with no connection to the IRB despite their claims.

Tomas O’Riain

President of the Irish Republican Brotherhood





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