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The Weaponization of Gender

Transgenderism is being pushed in Ireland and throughout the world from just being a passing trend, to far past any semblance to sanity and into the realm of a contagious and a very toxic disease. It has taken hold of such a grip on the political and social agenda in Ireland that any attempt to question its veracity is viciously attacked and violently punished. This is truly an extreme case of social insanity and the emperor having no clothes. The castration of a bullock doesn’t make it a heifer. The mutilation of a man or woman for gender reassignment leaves you with a traumatised mutilated man or woman. Should sanity return, future generations will see this in the same light as the Salam Witch Hunts and the Inquisition.

  • Pronouns are now being actively promoted in government institutions and more alarmingly even in our school classrooms. Those who don’t comply are being punished as is highlighted by the Enoch Burke case.
  • Laws are in place and new ones are in the process of being enacted to enshrine transgenderism as if it were the norm with severe penalties imposed on those who question it.
  • Parents are expected to shut up and accept that schools are promoting policies to keep students’ gender identity transitions from parents.
  • Children can be removed from their parents’ custody for opposing physical and chemical transition efforts.
  • A man can now compete on a women’s swimming team and win a women’s championship title.
  • A violent man who claims to identify as a woman is allowed into a women’s prison in Ireland.

A Coalition of Insanity

This officially sanctioned and promoted insanity is not even remotely normal or defensible in any sane way. Everyone, including the Left and its woke promotors in the coalition of insanity know this. Few on the woke Left, the political mainstream, the government, government institutions and the legacy media have the courage to voice any opposition to this out loud in fear of the inevitable herd reaction. Herds like this one, blindly follow each other over cliffs to their doom. Questioning the transgender narrative in any way invites accusations of bigotry and a violent reaction attacking you relentlessly. Look at the demonization of Enoch Burke. Look at the vicious attacks being hurled at J.K. Rowling the author of Harry Potter.

An Attack On Women’s Rights

A few liberals like JK Rowling are beginning to realize that transgenderism has gone too far. She and other liberal feminists have come to recognize that “gender identity” politics is an attack on women and a serious threat to hard fought women’s rights. They also recognise that the right to privacy and equal opportunity are being undermined and destroyed by transgenderism. Both gay and lesbian activists realize that pushing transgenderism only serves to foster confusion and anxiety in young people struggling with their sexuality, not with their gender, two very different things.

Healthcare Sell-out

Healthcare professionals who are encouraged to promote the physical and chemical alteration and mutilation of the bodies of confused minors are finally starting to raise concerns. They are raising concerns about the permanent effect of such drastic interventions and are questioning whether there is any data or evidence to back them up at all. This is happening in a country where the genital mutilation of girls for social or religious reasons is a criminal offence. Yet even worse mutilation is being promoted as gender reassignment by the very same authorities in a world gone completely insane.

Exceptions Prove the Rule

One such exception and medical expert is Erica Anderson, a U.S. transgender doctor at the forefront of transgender care has recently spoken out against administering hormone therapy and other irreversible treatments to youths. Anderson said “I think it’s gone too far. For a while, we were all happy that society was becoming more accepting and more families than ever were embracing children that were gender variant. Now it’s got to the point where there are children presenting at clinics whose parents say, ‘This just doesn’t make sense.’ I have these private thoughts: ‘This has gone too far. It’s going to get worse. I don’t want any part of it. I worry that people will accuse me of setting the train in motion, as part of those who advocated the affirmative approach to gender in youth, even though that’s not a reasonable account of what happened.’”

Gender Dysphoria Sold as Transgenderism

Anderson is not the only expert concerned about the direction radical transgenderism has taken where gender dysphoria is now sold as transgenderism to create a very lucrative industry. There is rigorous debate among psychologists and doctors throughout Europe and the world who are saying that what is called “gender-affirming care” for young people is nothing but a hasty response to a social phenomenon rather than appropriate, data-backed medical treatment. The evidence strongly suggests that they are correct. Is it any coincidence that the number of children and young adults identifying as transgender has increased by more than twentyfold in the past few years since transgenderism became acceptable to the point of becoming trendy and is heavily promoted in the mainstream?

The Transgender Cash Cow

What until recently, was recognised as a very rare mental affliction — gender dysphoria — is now being sold as transgenderism. It is being pandered as the solution to a vast array of mainly common and temporary emotional and social anxieties that are all now cobbled together and labelled as transgender conditions. The result of this is a massive surge in transgender-identifying young people.  The treatment is a bonanza, a rich cash cow for the unscrupulous psychological and medical people who are treating it as such. The vast majority of those afflicted given enough time, and as puberty and hormones stabilize, would grow out of it on their own. But then the cash cow for those promoting it would dry up.

Regrets for the Irreversible

Corinna Cohn, a transgender person who underwent a sex reassignment surgery at 19 years old, recently argued in the Washington Post: “The sacrifices I made seemed irrelevant to the teenager I was: someone with gender dysphoria, yes, but also anxiety and depression. The most severe cause of dread came from my own body. I was not prepared for puberty, nor for the strong sexual drive typical for my age and sex. Surgery unshackled me from my body’s urges, but the destruction of my gonads introduced a different type of bondage. From the day of my surgery, I became a medical patient and will remain one for the rest of my life. I must choose between the risks of taking exogenous estrogen, which include venous thromboembolism and stroke, or the risks of taking nothing, which includes degeneration of bone health. In either case, my risk of dementia is higher, a side effect of eschewing testosterone. I may well have transitioned even after waiting a few years. If I hadn’t transitioned, I likely would have suffered from the world in other ways. In other words, I’m still working out how much regret to feel, but I’m comfortable with the ambiguity. What advice would I pass on to young people seeking transition? Learning to fit in your body is a common struggle. Fad diets, body-shaping clothing and cosmetic surgery are all signs that countless millions of people at some point have a hard time accepting their own reflection.”

Cohn is far from the only transgender person expressing regret.

The High Price of Failure

  • In Sweden an extensive study found that 10 to 15 years after sex-reassignment surgery, the suicide rate among those who underwent it rose to 20 times that of their peers. That’s the high price of a failed solution.
  • review of over 100 follow-up studies of transgender individuals who underwent sex-reassignment surgery undertaken by Birmingham University’s Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility, said that none of the studies provided conclusive evidence that gender reassignment benefited the patients.
  • A couple of years ago, U.S. researchers were forced to correct a major 2019 study claiming that those who underwent reassignment surgeries showed significantly improved mental health. The corrected study now states, “The results demonstrated no advantage of surgery in relation to subsequent mood or anxiety disorder-related health care visits or prescriptions or hospitalizations following suicide attempts.”

Trendy Madness/Social Insanity

Transgenderism is transforming from the social insanity of trendy madness into a “grave medical-political scandal,” for which there is no defence.

  • Women should never under any circumstances be forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, and compete with men in women’s sports.
  • Children and young adults struggling with the changes brought on by puberty and sexual maturation should not be encouraged or coerced into undergo chemical and surgical mutilation.

These are traditional common-sense and both psychologically and medically sound positions. Yet, among the woke Left, their fellow travellers and those making piles of money from it, the transgender hysteria goes on relentlessly.

The Transgender Weapon

Transgenderism is the primary weapon for the left’s nihilistic agenda for the destruction of society. It very effectively devastates both the individual, the family and society under the Trojan Horse banner of equality. Transgenderism ruins the lives of those who fall foul of it, a disproportionate number of whom commit suicide. Those who do not take their own lives or fall foul of sex reassignment mutilation are most unlikely to ever become productive members of society.

Transitional Trauma

Most transgender people are unable to keep stable, long-term employment. The psychological and physical damage they have sustained as a result of their “transition” solves nothing but instead adds an additional layer of transitional trauma on top of their physical mutilation and on top of all their unsolved original problems. It is not difficult to see how that makes it nearly impossible for them to become normal or productive members of society.

The state of mind and the character traits that the transgender lifestyle engenders excludes many of them from functioning effectively in the work place since trans people are by nearly every metric a very troubled demographic.

  • A much higher than average percentage of them suffer from psychological and emotional instability.
  • Their attempted suicide rate is nearly fifty percent, twenty times that of the rest of the population.
  • The majority of the remainder suffer from high rates of psychological instability and depression.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse is 300% higher among trans people than that of their normal counterparts.
  • According to an article in  Psychology Today, trans individualssuffer from an “astonishingly elevated rate of mental health issues.” Most trans people – and especially transsexuals – suffer from persistent physical challenges and illnesses related to their lifestyle.
  • According to the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, transgender persons are at anincreased risk of a number of “chronic diseases, cancers, and mental health problems.” For example, their rate of HIV is three times the national average.
  • Accordingto the American Addiction Centre, “Transgender people being at a greater risk for participating in risky behaviour, such as sex work and/or drug and/or alcohol abuse. Transgender individuals are much more likely to get HIV/AIDS than the general population, which itself may be a source of mental health distress that exacerbates substance abuse compulsions.”
  • Accordingto Glaad the LGBTQ advocacy group , the level of unemployment in the trans community is three times that of the national average. For transgender people of colour, the rate of unemployment is nearly thirty percent.
  • Accordingto the LGBTQ Taskforce, “Transgender workers are nearly four times more likely than the population as a whole to have a household income of under $10,000 (15% vs. 4%).” These are pre-COVID figures. The situation is much worse at this time.

Calculated Human Destruction

Why would anyone sane advocate for something so predictably harmful and tragic? Knowing the destructive nature of the woke Left we can only conclude that this is intentional calculated human destruction. The Left promotes and then uses the trans movement as a weapon to undermine and destroy society so they can replace it with their CCCP style model. Their strategy is perfectly clear to those who care to examine it. The more numerous the transgender community, the weaker inevitably society becomes. Imagine a society where 100% of the people have become transgender. Given the inherent dysfunctionality of this lifestyle, such a society would quickly collapse under both social instability and economic strain.

A Socially Destructive Lifestyle

To implement the Left’s plan to bring about social and economic collapse, you do not need a 100% of the population to adopt this lifestyle. If as little as three percent of a population should do so, the additional financial burden alone, on an already mismanaged system would be more than enough to bring it down.

The moral decline in our culture enables the Left to take advantage and work relentlessly to increase the transgender population numbers. They are relentlessly recruiting from among the most vulnerable adolescents with wholehearted support from the government.

  • Schools now allow boys who identify as “girls” to compete in biological girl’s athletics.
  • They also allow boys to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. This is a visible and obvious assault on the natural order.

These Leftist measures are clearly intended to support trans activists in their recruitment efforts among young people. A healthy youth with integrity and social cohesion and values with a sense of family and the nation is essential for the future of society. That is what they want to destroy and we must not allow it to happen.


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