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The Turning Tide Against Irish Political Globalism

Tweedledum and tweedledee are characters in Lewis Carroll’s book of 1871 “Alice in Wonderland” It also is a child’s nursery rhyme. If that were it, that would be great but it can also refer to the lack of meaningful difference and therefor the lack of meaningful choice between our two civil war party’s.

Always dominating Irish politics until recently they struggled to define the differences between them, our European neighbours looked on in bewilderment at a lack of left right divide or any obvious divide. To everybody except themselves they appeared similar. Perhaps Fine Gael was more ‘respectable’ and Fianna Fáil more of a risk taker but now the inevitable has happened, they have coalesced. So any differences are artificial and created to pump life into ailing, bloated, corrupt and increasingly irreverent structures that at this stage have even given up the pretence of representing the electorate.

Spectacular Transformation

Curiously they have abandoned the centre political stage and have morphed dopily into liberal globalism with a light touch of Marxist Leninist anti logic. Again of course no difference between them, pro everything that they were anti a few years ago, their transformation has been spectacular. Perhaps when you are consumed by your political survival, perhaps when your eye is only on one ball, your ball, when you have a massive sense of entitlement and genuinely believe that you are above accountability, the law, democracy itself, you can be manoeuvred by a small well organised elite that in many ways are the real government as they run policy and set the real agenda.

NGO Run Agenda

NPHET occupied that space during Covid, they bailed out before being thrown under the bus. Now it’s the NGO’s well funded and committed to deconstructing our nation and rebuilding it as a rainbow transgender aggressively secular anti nationalist utopia.  They are well on the way to making that happen as there is no real government and no real opposition and thereby no leadership or even debate.  A sleeping government well past its sell by date, an agenda driven media who chooses what to tell you as they believe that they alone have the right to decide what you should know and fake opposition party’s like Sinn Féin who are all things to all people and like everybody else only concern themselves with the equality vote.

The Brave Few

A brave few, independent TD’s, concerned citizens who are prepared to take the relentless and unending abuse from intolerant ‘woke’ activists who preach tolerance, for themselves of course. Ordinary people now doing extraordinary things like redeeming the national consciousness by holding the line with the distinctive yellow and black boards. People who will defend their communities from an invasion of unvetted males with views about women and children that can only be considered as barbaric, people who will defend young minds from corrupting LGBQT and transgender ideology purveyed through library books.

The Tide is Turning

The tide is turning, our nation is rising, the old, the corrupt, the unaccountable are now being held to account. Be part of this great challenge by being part of the solution. Get active, get involved by rescuing this nation from woke globalism and let’s have a nation to pass on intact to the next generation.



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