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A Contemporaneous Note

Date: March 30. 2021
Location: Somewhere in Ireland

A man out driving his car, approaches a Garda roadblock He winds down his window A Garda officer approaches and asks “Where are you going?” Man asks, “Who are you?” The Garda officer states [nameless].

Man asks, “Where are you from?” The officer states [stationed at …]

Man asks, “Have you got your authority on you, can i see it?” The officer pulls out his ID and flips it open.

Man asks, “Is that an identifier or an authority?”

“Do you know the difference between them?

Are you telling me you don’t know the difference?

If you don’t know the difference then there can’t be any authority here now, is that correct?”

This went back and forth for a while with other officers chiming in “I don’t have to show it to you” and things like that.

Between the jigs and the reels anyway, nothing would do them only to “arrest” the man, according to them, and cart him off to the station for booking, for failing to give his name and address.

Bear with me now, there’s more to this. Man arrives in booking with station officer behind desk. Man asks “who are you?” and “Can I see the authority you have to even ask me that question?” … which said question was something to do with being in a rock band called “The Free Staters”. Anyway, this went on for a while and a record was being prepared with further questions being asked related to health Man’s status. Each time question was asked, Man asked “who are you?”

Eventually anyway, the officer who effected “the arrest” was questioned by Man; “Can you explain to me specifically why I am here at this moment?” The officer proceeds to recite the rule which he is intent on applying, followed of course by “do you understand?” Man asks “Can i see your authority to even ask me that question?”, to which the reply comes, in front of at least three of his colleagues. “I don’t have to show it to you”. Man says, “oh well, it’s not here then”.

With that, Man is brought to a cell where he proceeds to make himself comfortable, and contemplates the calm and peace that pervades him and the absence of any animosity or rage towards his captors and presently becomes aware of the love flowing from every aspect of his being and with that very thought, ten minutes later, the door swings open and a voice comes through … “come on!”.

Back in the charge room all his belongings were being arranged neatly on top of the desk towards him, along with a somewhat muted silence, little communication and no sign or signal of anything but pleasure on behalf of the captors. No “charge” was mentioned at any stage.

Farewells and gratitude were exchanged all ’round and off goes Man, out into the street; where the first thing he sees is a large truck, labouring up a steep hill, struggling, and which appears to be on fire and is billowing black smoke. Man thought to himself, hmmm now isn’t that unusual. It has some sort of rage or apoplexy about it … and off he went upon his merry way knowing full well the significance of what had just been done. After that day the sun came out and there were at least three days of delicious sunshine which had not been seen hardly all winter. The bliss of that was indescribable.

yours truly


p.s. So now you know. It’s down to the actual authority, every single time, no matter what the purported “legal” situation. Once you know that, all you need then is a cool head, persistence and to pin it down right to the very end.

Where’s the sworn declaration with signature and seal? In my experience, it never, ever, exists. Furthermore you are the sole authority, in all things and which said authority can never be defeated. Once you know that, nothing is ever the same again.


  1. Hello, I met you yesterday at the thinklocal event. Delighted to see your website, its great. Love the “arrest” story.

    I’m an astrologer. I study the chart of the Declaration a lot as it is our emotional birth moment.

    I’d be interested in doing a wee piece on it if you would maybe find it interesting.

    This is big year for us according our stars.


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