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Come on Russia Fire Away

We learn from reports by the writhing twitter hate-mob, otherwise known as the Irish Mainstream Media, that Russia would like to conduct military exercises, which presumably involve the live fire of armaments, within a whisker of the West Cork coastline.

Don’t believe a word the likes of “Minister Coveney” tell you about geo-politics and Ukraine. The reason the Russians are conducting such exercises is to remind the wilful Irish administration to cop on and stop enslaving and coercing all of the Islands inhabitants with a series of deceptions, one of them, commonly referred to as the “mask mandate”, which does not, in actual fact, legally exist and therefore does not have to be obeyed, ever. It is a legally impossible imposition to impose. That’s a subject for another article though, in and of itself.

Now we know, that the Russian administration repeatedly make it clear to all who hear them that they prefer to resolve their international disputes with diplomacy and dialogue. We also know, from experience, that the American “administration”, (not living Americans) are not to be trusted with anything they say about anything and we also know that they have a history of causing mayhem in nations all over the world, for the purposes of commercial power, profit, gain … and resources!! (cough Khazakstan). Their word is mud in my book.

They haven’t got a leg to stand on in terms of honour. Sergei Lavrov is another matter entirely. He speaks his mind, he tells it like it is and you get the overwhelming sense that this is a guy on top of his game. Why? What is he saying? He’s talking sense, that’s the difference. Vladimir Putin gives you that same feeling. He’s in total command of his subject and his “dialogue”, which he keeps coming back to. Yeah, let’s talk about it. It’s hard to get more fundamental than that. He has a very keen knowledge of international law, treaties and military history, a smart guy.

You don’t hear Boris “the Blade” Johnson or Joseph “pole turtle” Biden talking like that now do you? No. Why not? Because they are not straight, that’s why. Wait till you get a load of Ursula von der Leyden, Oh boy. Think energy signature, resonant frequency. To me this is just another corporate marauding pirate, like so many before.

These individuals are hell bent on enslaving and bedevilling you, the unsuspecting punter. Utter psychopathy. That is the harsh reality of it. She makes no bones about it, a blatant despot, sticking it up your nose because she thinks she can. It’s hard to believe this sort exist and they do.

Oh well, I wouldn’t like to be in those shoes later on, as this hapless saga, described as a purported “pandemic”, ultimately plays out. If you’ve never come across ‘The Mass Psychology of Fascism’ by Wilhelm Reich it’s worth checking out. Everything in there is everything you are watching play out on the political arena on the continent of Europe … including what is coming directly out of Ursula von der Leyen’s gob.

Compare all that to Anthony Blinken, the American alleged Secretary of State. Sure we don’t know what he’s saying at all. He’s mute essentially … vacant from the international stage. There’ a word for that brand of diplomacy. It’s called flim-flam. Flakey as hell, a guy who’s got more agenda up his sleeve than Genghis Khan! Once you know that Victoria Nuland is his handler, with her hand up his back making his mouth move, it all starts to become a little clearer.

Let’s not forget the ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ by John Perkins and what consecutive American administrations were actively conducting against the inhabitants of a large number of South American countries Guatemala being one that strikes a chord, along with Nicaragua.

From what we can see and from reports we are getting, Washington D.C. is for all intents and purposes a military prison. Furthermore, the place is now like a ghost town. Something really strange is going on there. It stinks to high heaven. This is not a place that is conducting a war of attrition against Russia for control of the Khazarian homeland of Ukraine and the surrounding region. Far from it. The whole setup has long since been withdrawn to Cheyenne Mountain, America’s Aerospace Control centre. Sooner rather than later we are going to find out what has been going on in Washington D.C. for the last two years and long before that.
However, for the moment, we can stick to extending the hand of friendship to Vlad and his little band of merry men and women and invite them round to the big house for dinner and a chat. We’d love to hear what they’ve got to say about dear old Ireland … and the clowns who’ve really been running it in the background for decades. I bet they’ve got ALL the data. Fire Away

Of course you can let off a few ordinances in our back yard! That’s fully compliant with international law as far as we can tell, as long as it doesn’t cause any harm. No problem with that whatsoever. Fire away. As for the sanctions … what sanctions? No, we haven’t got any sanctions in place against Russia. None at all. “That was the EU coercing us to fall in with their international predatory intrigues. Should never have happened. They don’t exist! Would you like another drop of “the craytur”?

Then there’s NATO. 240Km off West Cork. Is that NATO airspace? No it isn’t, although it is, strategically, the soft underbelly of NATO … oh yes. But that’s got nothing to do with why the Russians want to conduct live fire exercises within earshot of Mizen Head. It’s all about the masks, slavery, coercion, torture, medical experimentation and genocide that will “go down” in history with the alleged Martin administration and which they have been rampantly perpetrating with gusto.

They are not dumb, rather of a very low level of intelligence, coupled with greed, avarice, treachery, malice and myriad other psychological abuses towards us, the inhabitants. The natives, including anyone who happens to put their bed down here, are all covered by immutable maxims of law and the fact that humanity was never negotiable.

So yes, we welcome Russia and it’s dignitaries and yes we have no objection if you detonate a few ordinances in our back yard. Just watch out for the dolphins, whales and any other creatures and natural habitats.

Wake up numpties, if you are not going to help, get out of the way!


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