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Full chronological RoH

For several years past I’ve put a lot of work into the Brigade’s Roll of Honour. I attach as full an edition of it as I’ve been able to discover and verify. Perhaps you’d like to publish it in honour of those heroic Volunteers who gave their all to establish and defend the Republic.

You’ll notice that we don’t enrol those former Brigade members who died in Free State service.

Beir bua,
Ó Raghallaigh.

Our thanks to Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh who enabled us to publish the following roll of honour

Liosta laochra Thiobraid Árann

a fuair bás ar son Saoirse na hÉireann



The Third Tipperary Brigade was established in 1918. The 3rd Tipperary Brigade (Irish: Tríú Briogáid Thiobraid Árainn) was one of the most active of approximately 80 such units that constituted the IRA during the Irish War of Independence. The brigade was based in South Tipperary and conducted its activities mainly in mid-Munster and Dublin. The Brigades Soloheadbeg ambush is generally acknowledged as the opening engagement of the Irish War of Independence. Raids, ambushes and ongoing military activities by the brigade’s battalions and flying columns made South Tipperary ungovernable for the British in 1920 and 1921. The brigades activities confined the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) to the few remaining barracks not destroyed by the brigade and the British Army only dared to venture out in large convoys.

The following role of honour that commemorates those most unselfish heroes who gave their lives for Irish freedom while serving in the Third Tipperary Brigade in those defining days has been compiled by Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh. We all owe them the greatest imaginable debt and their memories deserve our greatest and undying honour. May we be worthy of their sacrifice.

b’Fhéidir gurbh fhiú Éire dá sacraimint uachtarach

An Tríú Briogáid Thiobraid Árann

Rolla Onóra Croineolaíoch

Chronological Roll of Honour


18.01.19; John Moloney. Drangan Coy. Died from the effects of service.

06.03.19; Pierse McCan. MP/TD. Died of malnutrition, neglect and flu in Gloucester jail.  Founder and President of Tipperary Volunteers 1913. Commander in 1916


14.10.20; Seán Treacy. Vice Brigadier of the Third Tipperary Brigade I. R. A.

KIA battling overwhelming odds in Talbot St., Dublin.

18.10.20; Frank O Dwyer. Captain, Bansha Coy. Murdered by RIC and Tans at home.

18.10.20; Ned O Dwyer. Adjutant, Bansha Coy. Murdered by RIC and Tans at home.

31.10.20; Thomas O Donovan. Commdt. 7th Batt. Drangan. KIA Killenaule.

16.11.20; Patrick Lynch. Vol. Golden Coy. Shot dead near home by Black and Tans.

19.11.20; Patrick Clancy. Vol. Drangan Coy. KIA near Drangan.

21.11.20; Michael Hogan. Vol. Grangemockler Coy. Shot dead in Croke Park, Dublin.

17.12.20; Michael Edmonds. Vol. Tipperary “B” Coy. Taken from home, tortured and murdered by police and B & Ts.

18.12.20; James Looby. Adjt. Dualla Coy. Shot at Kilfeacle while a prisoner, died in Cashel.

18.12.20; William Delaney. Vol. Dualla Coy. Shot at Kilfeacle while a prisoner, died in Cashel.

19.12.20; Laurence Looby. Captain Dualla Coy. Murdered near home by British army.

26.12.20; James Hickey. Capt. Tipperary “B” Coy. Bayonetted to death in Tipperary military barracks.

Late 1920; Peter O Dwyer. Section Com. Knockavilla Coy. Died.


12.01.21; William Ryan. Section Comm. “B” Coy. Tipp. Drowned on duty.

05.02.21; James O Keeffe. Vol.,5th Batt. Murdered at Newtown Anner by British Troops while he was doing sentry duty.

28.02.21; Seán Allen. Capt. “B” Coy., Tipperary. Executed by firing squad in Victoria barracks, Cork.

01.03.21; Thomas Looby. Vol. Lattin Coy. Shot dead by crown forces near Kilross.

04.03.21; John Hayes, Vol. Lattin Coy. Mortally wounded by gunfire near Kilross three days previously.

04.03.21; Thomas Lee. Vol. Rosegreen Coy., 1st Batt. KIA near Fethard.

06.03.21; Patrick Hogan. Commdt. 2nd Batt. KIA near New Inn.

06.03.21; Richard Fleming. Capt.  Moyglass Coy., 7th Batt. Shot dead by crown forces at Knockroenear Drangan.

06.03.21; Thomas Larkin. Vol. Rosegreen Coy. Shot dead by British army near Drangan.

06.03.21; Patrick Hackett. Vol. Drangan Coy. Shot dead near Drangan by British troops.

06.03.21; Martin Clancy. Vol. Drangan Coy. Shot dead by British troops near Drangan.

01.05.21; Seán Duffy. Commandant 4th Batt.  Tipperary. KIA near Gortdrum, Solohead.

01.05.21; Patrick Moloney. Adjt. 4th Batt. Tipperary. KIA near Gortdrum, Solohead.

12.05.21; Michael Ryan. Lieut. Anacarty Coy. Shot by police patrol near Anacarty, died later in Tipperary military hospital.

30.05.21; Martin Purcell. Adjt. Knockavilla Coy. Shot dead in Tipp military barracks.

30.05.21; William O Brien. Lt. Murdered in Tipp military barracks.

13.06.21; Denis Sadlier. Vice Commdt. 5th Batt. Accidently shot dead by comrade.

19.06.21; Patrick Walsh. Vol. Rathgormack Coy. Shot dead near home in a raid by crown forces.

29.06.21; John Buckley. Vol. Solohead Coy. Murdered at home near Gortdrum by RIC.
Pre Truce; Patrick Dalton. Carrick-on-Suir Coy. Died.
Pre Truce; Denis Noonan. Vol. “B” Coy. Tipperary. Died.

05.08.21; W. Crowe. Vol., “A” Coy. Tipperary. Died from the effects of service.

28.09.21; Patrick Corbett, Vol., 4th Batt. Murdered by the RIC at Tipp cinema.

12.10.21; John Ryan (M), “D” Coy., 3rd Batt. Died from the effects of service


22.04.22; David Barron, Vol., 4th Batt. Died in Mater Hospital, Dublin, from accidental gunshot wounds inflicted five days previously.

30.04.22; Philip O Connell, Vol, “C” Coy., 4th Batt. Died from the effects of service.

12.05.22; Ned Butler. Vol. Carrick-on-Suir Coy. Died from the effects of service.

15.06.22; Maurice McGrath. Commdt. 4th Batt. Accidently killed by a gunshot.

04.07.22; Patrick English, Vol. 6th Batt. KIA Longford Pass.

04.07.22; Thomas O Dea. Vol. Ballyporeen Coy. KIA near Urlingford.

25.07.22; Peter Maher, Vol. “A” Coy., 3rd Batt. Died of ill-treatment and neglect in the Curragh military hospital.

28.07.22; Patrick Butler, Vol. “C” Coy., 8th Batt. Killed in a mine explosion, Tipperary.

28.07.22; James O Meara. Capt. Tipp Coy., Killed accidently in a mine explosion.

28.07.22; Jerry Riggs, Lt. Engineers 4th Batt. Killed accidently in a mine explosion.

29.07.22; James J. Quirke, Adjt. “C” Coy., 3rd Batt. KIA Golden.

29.07.22; Thomas Kennedy, Vol. “H” Coy., 8th Batt. KIA Golden.

03.08.22; Patrick Neachton. Vol. Carrick-on-Suir Coy. KIA against FS troops.

06.08.22; Frank Norton, Vol. 5th Batt. Accidently shot dead near Carrick-on-Suir.

13.08.22; Michael Condon, Vol. “D” Coy., Shot dead by FS in Clonmel Town Hall.

08.09.22; Michael Heffernan, Vol. 7th Batt. KIA Drangan.

13.09.22; James Torpey. Vol. Carrick-on-Suir Coy. Shot dead near home by FS forces.

18.09.22; Con Hanly, Vol. “E” Coy. 4th Batt. KIA or murdered at Ballinard, Donaskeigh.

26.10.22; Patrick Dalton, Vice Brig. Third Tipp Brigade. KIA Donohill.

04.11.22; Michael Sadlier, Commdt. 2nd Batt. Died in Cashel hospital from wounds received, while unarmed, at Marlhill, Golden, the previous day.

20.11.22; James Hayes, Vol. “E” Coy. 7th Batt. Shot dead by FS at Silverfort, Fethard.

03.12.22; Michael O Neill, Vol. “F” Coy. 7th Batt. KIA Glenbower.

03.12.22; Patrick Bennett, Vol. 7th Batt. KIA Bawndonnell.

03.12.22; Edward Butler, Vol. “C” Coy. 8th Batt. KIA Bawndonnell.

12.12.22; Seán Riordan, “C” Coy., 4th Batt. KIA Lisnamrock. Ballingarry.

28.12.22; Michael Ryan, Adjt. “F” Coy., 7th Batt. Machine gunned by FS troops near Fethard. Died in the Curragh military hospital.


10.01.23; Martin Breen, Commdt., 4 Batt. ASU. KIA by FS troops near Tipperary.

17.02.23; James St. John, Vol. 8th Batt. KIA Ballingarry.

18.02.23; Denis Lacey, Brigadier, OC Third Tipperary Brigade IRA. KIA/murdered by FS troops at Ballydavid, Glen of Aherlow.

18.02.23; Edmund Quirke, Courier, Bansha Coy., killed in crossfire at his home in Ashgrove, Bansha, aged ten.

19.02.23; Patrick. MacDonagh, Commdt., 4th Batt. Died of wounds inflicted by FS troops in the Glen of Aherlow the previous day.

01.04.23; Jerry Kiely, 4th Batt. KIA against FS troops in Glen of Aherlow.

03.04.23; Jerome Lyons, Capt., Newchapel Coy., 1st Batt. Shot dead while being interrogated in FS custody, Clonmel military barracks.

16.04.23; Theo English, 5th Batt. KIA by FS troops at Castleblake, Rosegreen.

05.05.23; Michael McGrath, Vol., 5th Batt. Fatally shot in FS custody in Clonmel, died in The Curragh military hospital.

27.05.23; Michael Fitzgerald, Vol., 4th Batt. Died in Peamount sanatorium from the effects of a savage beating.

24.06.23; John Mahony, Vol., Ballylooby Coy. Brutalised and neglected by the FS in Kilkenny gaol. Died in hospital, Cashel.

19.07.23; Denis Ryan, Vol., 4th Batt. Died in the Curragh military hospital of wounds received the previous 10 January near Tipperary.

03.08.23; Frank O Keeffe, Vol., 5th Batt. Died in custody in the Curragh camp.

04.09.23; Patrick O Hanlon. Fian. Con Colbert Slua, Carrick-on-Suir. Died of gunshot wounds inflicted by FS in Kilkenny.


09.08.24; John Tobin. Rathgormack Coy. Died of illness and ill-treatment in FS custody.

15.08.24; Michael Hartnett, Vol., 4th Batt. Shot dead by FS troops at roadblock near Clarecastle, Co. Clare.

The following Volunteers have been listed on the Brigade’s Roll of Honour from its inception. No details about them are recorded.

Vol. S. Browne. Carrick-on-Suir. 8th Batt. 05.07.19
Patrick Dalton. Carrick-on-Suir, 8th Batt.
Capt. Richard Meagher, K Coy. ((Killonery), 8th Batt.
Vol. William (Liam) O Neill, “A” Coy. (Cook Lane, Carrick-on-Suir).8th Batt.

These Volunteers, from other Brigades, are enrolled

30.12.20; William Slattery, Lieut. Emly Coy. E. Limerick Bgde. Murdered near Shronell.

20.03.21; Dermot O Dwyer, Vol. “A” Coy., 4th Batt., Dublin Bgde. WIA, died in Jervis St. Hospital, Dublin.

06.04.21; Seán Brett, Mullinahone Coy. Kilkenny Bgde. Accidently killed.

07.04.21, Daniel Carew, Vol. “G” Coy., 3rd Batt., Dublin Bgde. Mortally wounded in Harcourt St. ambush the previous day.

13.05.21; Seán Quinn, Vol.  Mullinahone Coy. Kilkenny Bgde. KIA Knocknagress ambush.

21.06.21; John O Meara, Vol. Emly Coy., E. Lk. Bgde. Killed at Emly by B & Ts.

10.04.22; William Luddy. Engineer. No. 4 Coy. Fifth Batt. Dublin Brigade. Died from hardship, ill-treatment, and illnesses contracted while in prison in Canterbury.

29.06.22; John O Mahony, Vol. “H” Coy., 1st Dublin Bgde., KIA Moore Street. Listed in our 6th Batt.

19.12.22; James O Connor. Lieutenant. Rathbride Coy. Kildare Brigade. Judicially murdered by the FS in the Curragh Camp.

16.04.23; Éamon Somers, Capt. Kilkenny Brigade. KIA Castleblake.

19.04.23; Séamus Egan, Mullinahone Coy., Kilkenny Bgde. KIA near Poulacapple.



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