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Ireland a State of Corruption, Government Corruption

The impact of high level corruption on the public perception is creating a sense of cynicism never seen since the British occupation of Ireland. This growing cynicism impacts adversely on every aspect of the economy, on people’s health, and quality of life. Despite this, it now appears that corruption at the top is on an ever-rising projectile and is unstoppable.

Manifest Corruption

Since corruption manifests itself in many different forms, it isn’t always easy to escape its impact. Those involved in corruption seem to be proud of themselves as they make more money or apparently gain more power in a short time. Those in management who are involved in corruption are seen to get more promotions and more opportunities than others. The public as a result have become cynical and they see this as the only way to get on or advance.

Corruption Effects on People

When a system becomes corrupt, the first casualty is the quality of service. Low-quality services are designed to save money by the businesses, the contractors and officials involved. Even the care now provided in hospitals has become sub-standard with treatment delays, false claims of overcrowding and pandemic considerations being pandered to the public as excuses for those shortcomings.

The Results of Corruption

The results of corruption can be seen in many areas. It includes government departmental ineptitude, leading to homelessness with hundreds of public authority houses lying empty and the stalling of the provision of new housing stock. Government departments, county councils and public services have in many areas either ground to a halt or appear to be on a go slow with poor health and hospital services as a primary example. Utility suppliers such as electricity providers, internet providers and waste disposal companies provide deteriorating services while their prices keep on rising.

Lack of proper justice

Corruption in the judiciary leads to injustice with the victims of offense being the first to suffer. Corruption in the policing system and the investigation process has been going on for decades. The DPP’s office, appear to operate in an arbitrary fashion and are answerable to nobody. The Varadkar leak of sensitive documents is a case in point. The endemic arrogance and arbitrary abuse of power by the judiciary is another. Serious offenders are allowed to roam free and even engage in more crimes, while ones refusal to wear a mask or not having a TV licence is punishable with a prison sentence. Criminal investigations by the Gardaí are routinely dropped due to a delayed investigation or documentation and evidence mysteriously disappearing. This all leads to a sense of “Justice delayed is justice denied.”


Pollution arises mostly in public water supplies resulting in ‘boil notices’, as well as does air, together with agricultural land pollution. Industrial activity is the main sources of pollution in Ireland. The EPA has a monitoring obligation to regularly check for sources of pollution. Corruption built into the system lets local authorities and private industry opt out of their requirement not to release untreated and harmful polluting waste material into our waterways and air. We therefore must conclude that corruption is the main cause of pollution. Where are the environmentalists and the Greens?

Failure of genuine research

Research and development by small businesses and individuals need government funding for their projects. Corrupt officers in funding agencies sanction research funds for those willing to bribe them. Genuine and valuable research and development opportunities are left in limbo. If we notice the resistance of microbes to drugs, we know that new compounds discovered in the past few decades by those outside of ‘Big Pharma’ for the efficient treatment of resistant microbes have been ignored or suppressed.

Disregard for officials

People are becoming increasingly cynical regarding those visibly involved in such corruption and start thinking negatively about them leading to distrust. Even lower-grade operatives become disrespectful and distrustful to higher up’s engaged in corrupting practices. The results are either cynicism or the embracing of corruption.

Growing Lack of respect for rulers

Rulers of the state including the president, the Taoiseach and the government in general are rapidly losing respect among the public. Respect is the primary ingredient for the continuation of the social contract between the government and the population.

People vote during the elections with a desire to improve their living standards based on promises by those seeking election and out of admiration or respect for a leading figure. When those they voted into power then systematically break all the promises they made and in many cases do the diametric opposite they then see those politicians as betraying liars involved in corruption. Since this has for long been the behaviour of politicians from all politicians of all political parties there will come a time of systemic breakdown and we are nearing that point now.

Aversion to posts linked to corruption

Sincere, honest, talented and hardworking people have increasingly developed an aversion for certain posts deeming them to be corrupt. They see self serving politicians pursuing their own power or financial agenda rather than serving their country and their people. Honest people are increasingly steering clear from seeking political or public office because of their perception of the corruption involved. Though they may like those positions, they tend not to opt for them as they don’t want to be involved in such corruption. This increasingly leaves the opportunity open for unscrupulous people to seek and obtain those positions leading to a further deterioration of the quality of those involved. The present Irish Government is a case in point.

A Government Drunk on Power

The present Irish Government have become drunk with their misconceived sense of power following their successful lockdown and enforcement of an unproven experimental vaccine on the population. On top of that they have opened the State’s borders to an unlimited influx of un-vetted migrants, and refugees both real and fake with scarcely a whimper from the populace and approval from the media. They now have a delusional sense that they can do whatever they like in their desire to satisfy their globalist masters regardless of the negative impact on the Irish people,

A decrease in foreign investment

Opportunities where foreign investments were considering or willing to come to Ireland will now dry up as a result of the crazy government decision to reduce industrial output by 35% as a result of their suicidal green agenda.

The officials whose job it is to pass clearances for industry will now halt all possibilities for growth and expansion of industry and bring it to a standstill. Nobody voted for that. This government policy will stop all inward investments, start-up industries, and economic growth in an indebted country needing economic growth to service its debt let alone reduce it or pay it off. This is economic suicide.

Needs of the People

If there is no industrial development and even a reduction of 35% on top of the governments agricultural destruction policy and all of the other hair brained proposals by the insane government there will be no money for proper roads, water, electricity, health care and more. When the government ignore the needs of the people and instead engage in policies dictated by the World Economic Forum and the EU they have been corrupted by those outside interests to the extent that they are a danger to the wellbeing of the people and the state. This hindrance of economic progress will inevitably lead to mass unemployment and social unrest on a level never seen before. As a result a total collapse of society in Ireland is inevitable.



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