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Proximity Trading – Unite Farmers with Local Buyers

Independent small and medium sized farms have been handed a death sentence by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. Schwab and his fellow architects of top-down control are creating a system of corporate feudalism. They have officially let it be known that under the policy euphemistically known as the ‘Green Deal’ traditional family farms will be eliminated and the food they produce will be replaced by laboratory and genetically engineered synthetic lookalikes. I kid you not; they call this ‘Green’. This policy is spelled out for all to see in the pages of Klaus Schwab’s book ‘The Great Reset’ which is part of his envisaged ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Corporate Food Takeover

The Irish government driven by the European Commission and Schwab is committed to adopting this insane agenda in which working farmers are to be replaced by digitalised precision robots, as part of a so called ‘Global Warming mitigation crusade’ which is just an excuse to create acceptance. If you analyse it, this reveals itself as a totalitarian agenda for complete corporate and banking takeover and control of the food chain. It is a nefarious agenda designed to eliminate all independent farmers. No, your cows are not a threat to the climate but you and your cows are a threat to the attempt to monopolise food production by big corporations.

What Are We Going to Do About It?

There is a very straight forward answer to this question. We are going come together at the local level and launch a mutually supportive initiative which will guarantee both the farmer and the purchaser of the farmer’s food a fair and mutually beneficial exchange. With the elimination of all middlemen and the elimination of long distance transport, logistical and storage costs the farmer can command a better price for his produce and the consumer will still get it cheaper because all the additional costs will have been eliminated.

How it Works

This is a very simple plan. The purchaser (consumer) approaches his or her local farmer and asks to buy fresh farm produce on an ongoing basis for a mutually agreed price. The farmer then considers this proposition. Some may decline because it has not occurred to them that their current dependency on a corporate controlled marketing regime is completely untenable under the programme proposed by Mr Schwab and agreed by the Irish government.

Any thinking farmer will see the benefit of this opportunity to do business with near neighbours who are in search of positive and value-for-money farm-raised fresh quality foods. The farming community are beginning to realise that their future income can no longer depend on the present market model. By establishing a new market model among those in the farm’s immediate vicinity the future of the farm can be saved and it can be mutually beneficial for him and his new customers. Those who do not wish to – or can no longer – purchase their staple food requirements from the corporate owned super market food chains can in this way guarantee their direct supply of food. This can eliminate the fear and the prospect of a future with empty supermarket shelves.

The Thinking Farmer

The thinking farmer can already see that the writing on the wall. They can see what is already happening in Holland and other countries where farmers are already being wiped out. They can see that their slavery to a system of corporate, government and global manipulation – with their future totally taken out of their hands – is a recipe for disaster. Thinking farmers will be on the look-out for a secure local market; one where purchasers want to buy direct from the farmer with no middle-man taking the prime cut. This must be the way forward for those who want a secure future on the land and for those who want the certainty of food supply. Any intelligent farmer will recognise this and will take seriously a bona fide request to supply farm-raised produce to those smart enough to want to buy it. This is nothing new as that was how farmers and consumers traded with each other for centuries. That is how to create or recreate a sustainable future for both producer and consumer.

The Thinking Consumer

The thinking consumers will be on lookout for fresh, healthy, flavourful good quality foods on which to raise their family, or to simply to feed themselves. The thinking consumer will recognise that the chance to acquire such food ‘direct from the farm’ represents the best possible outcome all around. The building of a bond between the local farmer and the consumer, through the regular purchase of their food produce creates the foundation for a powerful alliance for a future when the commercial food chain is destroyed by the architects of global control and food shortages become the norm. Such times are no longer speculative. They are on right our doorstep.

Thinking Farmer/Thinking Consumer – Mutual Benefit

Either the consumer or the farmer can take the initiative to bring both parties together for their mutual benefit. How can they achieve that? The best way to achieve this is by calling a ‘round table’ meeting in the local village/town hall or simply in your home. Start by inviting one or two farmers to a friendly meeting around a table with some likeminded friends who would like to obtain quality food direct from the farm. Some might even want to discuss the possibility of contracting a farmer to grow the foods they require. This is already being done successfully by the Cloughjordan Eco-village community and local farmers in Co Tipperary. This way they obtain a guaranteed supply of good quality food grown without the contamination of chemical pesticides. The farmers in turn are guaranteed a guaranteed market and a guaranteed annual income.

Secure parties

Farmers need a secure income and buyers need a secure, local, convenient source of nutritious food. Cloughjordan is the successful working model for this. Fair prices can be agreed by both parties and delivery or ‘pick-up from the farm’ can be negotiated and agreed in a friendly informal manner. This isn’t strictly ‘business’ in the old sense of the term; rather it is the formation of a common or mutual bond at a time when such bonds have unfortunately been neglected and have been replaced by the supermarket convenience cultures that has destroyed the links that hold communities together and where the quality of the food is questionable.

Bartering and Sharing

An old trading, bartering and sharing practice will be rebuilt around the adoption of this ‘proximity trading principle’. This is the one certain and effective way of resisting and defeating the Klaus Schwab farm killer agenda and the New World Order plan for corporate global domination of the food chain. Deal with real farmers for real food rather than with mega corporations for their factory fake food.

Additional ways of supporting local trading include: food cooperatives, farmers markets and farm shops. Get your front foot into the ‘proximity trading principle’ and you will regenerate your community – from the ground up and insure an uninterrupted supply of food whether you are in an urban or a rural community! Start now before having to face empty supermarket shelves and start to enjoy good health with good healthy food, a healthy family and a happy healthy community.



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