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St Finians, Mullingar Reverses Canteen Cashless Policy

Lawyers For Justice Ireland were instrumental in supporting and insuring the success of a parents campaign to prevent a ‘cashless society’ from being imposed on their children for the use of their schools canteen. LFJI refers to an email correspondence parents received from the Principal of St Finians Secondary School, Mullingar confirming that: “… the school canteen is introducing a cashless system of payment. Students can use Revolut or can tap their bank cards. Cash will be accepted in the month of September only….”  Note, it says ‘the school canteen is introducing a cashless system’ as if it was a third party over which the school had no responsibility. That is a blatantly mischievous misdirection attempt to divert responsibility for this dodgy decision away from the schools management.

Parents Submission

Lawyers For Justice Ireland drafted a submission for the parents of St Finians Secondary School students to be sent to the Principal, Government Ministers and political representatives to challenge this cashless policy:


The submission from parents certainly focused a lot of interested parties attention that together with the parents own submissions brought pressure on the schools management that resulted on a reversal of the decision.

Cash Remains King in St, Finians

Lawyers For Justice Ireland have now received confirmation that St Finians have reversed the cashless policy they were attempting to impose on their students. This means that cash will continue to be accepted for students in St. Finians canteen throughout the year. Let’s hope that St. Finians have learned a lesson from this. If it had gone ahead every student would have been forced to obtain a credit card or debit card to use the schools canteens facilities. This could be considered an attempt to accustom and indoctrinate all of their students into the acceptance of the principle of a cashless society.

Stop Creeping Cashless Coercion

Watch out for and fight against any and all such insidious campaigns by any other schools, colleges, institutions or businesses who attempt to introduce a questionably legal demand that those using their services can no longer use cash for their transactions. There is a lesson for all of us in the success of this parent’s campaign. The Central Bank have made a statement to the effect that despite nefarious attempts in some quarters to outlaw cash it is still king. It is up all of us to keep cash as our king against this creeping imposition of the cashless society and the control it can be used to assert over us.

Congratulations to St. Finians Campaigning Parents

Lawyers For Justice Ireland wish to extend their gratitude to all those who took part in this public campaign to challenge and defeat St Finians cashless policy. Those parents who took up the cudgel and smacked down St. Finians attempt to impose a cashless society in their environs are to be congratulated as are the guiding hands of Lawyers For Justice Ireland.

People Power Succeeds

The successful outcome of this campaign demonstrates the power that public collective campaigns can exert and that they can and will succeed in fighting and winning against insidious attempts to forcefully transition us all into the acceptance of a cashless society. Lawyers For Justice Ireland says ‘The only people that are going to save us is ourselves.’


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