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The Government Immigration u-turn you arent allowed to see

A week is a long time in politics, as even are two days. The Irish Government launched its new hate bill. Just two days later it accused migrants of abusing the immigration system. That was because the government gave them a free for all with the authorities turning a blind eye to their infringements, abuses and even criminality. The media as usual played lamely along with a supporting narrative.

Irelands Immigration Problem

Up until now any assertion that Ireland has an immigration problem was instantly dismissed as far-right racism and hate speech. All calls for restrictions on immigration levels were loudly and roundly denounced as far right xenophobia. What was condemned as far right xenophobia last week is Government policy this week without a squeak from the Soviet style compliant media.

Come on Join the Party

In recent times Irish open door welcoming trust has been systematically abused according to the government in a surprising wake up to reality. In a virtue signalling frenzy the Government invited this abuse and even advertised internationally that they were offering free own-door accommodation for asylum seekers. They said this while ignoring our own homeless people.

Systematic Abuse

Helen McEntee the Minister for Justice said the decision was not “taken lightly” but that where there is evidence that there may be abuse of such systems, “the Government must act swiftly to mitigate the risks. The suspension of the operation of the agreement is temporary and will be reviewed in a year’s time.

Simon Coveney  the Minister for Foreign Affairs said the decision will “assist in the protection of Ukrainians, and those of other nationalities who are fleeing conflict, as it will lessen the incidence of abuse of this system. This step is not unprecedented: other council of Europe member states have taken similar action previously.”

Authoritarian Suppression of Debate

The problem in Ireland isn’t our attitude to immigration. The problem is the official and media authoritarian suppression of debate. Anybody who raised this obvious problem in recent times has been denounced as some kind of far-right xenophobic. We can safely assume that nobody in politics or the media will now put Simon Coveney and Helen McEntee into that category. A week or indeed a couple of days is indeed a long time in politics.

Far Right Proven Right

In fact, over the past couple of years what have been condemned as “far right” views have proven to be correct far more often than not. For example those who claimed that lockdowns were doing nothing to reduce the instance of Covid have now been proven correct by the data. The removal of Covid restrictions has basically had zero effect on case levels. Those making such assertions at times were denounced as far right.

Far Right Observatory

There’s even a state-funded “Far Right Observatory”. The media get’s very considerable state funding to combat “fake news” while its inflammatory headlines spreads the official version of it like wildfire. That’s why so many people now call it ‘the bought and paid for media’. New hate speech laws are on the way to clamp down on anyone make what the government consider to be dangerous hate-filled statements that might incite hatred.

Suppression of Debate

Until the government about turn statements like “some migrants are abusing the immigration system” would have been regarded as hate speech. There always has been, of course, a genuine far right in Ireland with Blue Shirt genes. But it is a tiny and irrelevant minority. What we are witnessing in Ireland is not the growth of the far right, but a relentless suppression of everything that does not conform to the official narrative. It is a relentless campaign to denounce all opposition to “government speak” as far right and dangerous. It is plainly and simply a suppression of debate and even the truth.

Orwellian Ireland

Open debate is the essence of a true democracy. It is not anti migrant to question how many people we can reasonably accommodate and how many are abusing the system. In Ireland we no longer have open debate. Officialdom and the media no longer even pretend to have it as we move into an oppressive Orwellian society. That’s how the Government has found itself in the about turn migrant position it has ended up in this week but that’s okay as the government and the media are incapable of hate speech. They are not even embarrassed in public at least.


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