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The Need for an Independent Media

While the 19th Century world at large smirked and scoffed at the Skibbereen Eagle. Today’s Irish Media moguls and their journalists to a man or woman would do likewise if a small provincial newspaper published such a daring editorial. Yet not one Irish media outlet, national or provincial today has the courage of the Skibbereen Eagle or indeed any courage at all when it comes to publishing honest and unbiased news. They are all singing off the approved government hymn sheet like the media of any totalitarian dictatorship such as Communist China or the former Soviet Union.

RTE as a case in point continuously describes demonstrations of tens of thousands of people as a few hundred. Either they can’t count or they are continuously lying. You decide. Criminality from certain communities is not reported by any of the mainstream media. Print media’s readership is dying as a result of their adherence to the one sided narrative of their corporate paymasters. The TV propaganda machine is now starting to follow suit. Their cognitive dissonance and their financial dependency is blinding them to the fact that their game is up and their time is up. They are systematically being found out, discredited and discarded like the boy who cried wolf.

A One Sided Narrative

A large and growing number of reputable scientists, brave health professionals and frontline workers are expressing views contrary to the ‘official Covid narrative’ much of which comes from ‘experts’ often with compromising ties to pharmaceutical corporations. Yet only the ‘official experts’ views are repeatedly aired and printed ad nauseum even though they are contradictorily and are expressing no consistency in their demands, yes demands.

The Deafening Media Silence

A two week lockdown has turned into a two year circus of lockdowns and other repressive measures which the government has used as an excuse and have taken advantage of to inflict massive violations of human rights and have oppressed small businesses while leaving big business corporations virtually unscarred. Government action has virtually destroyed the Irish economy. Meanwhile Sweden with no repressive lockdowns went about business as normal with no visible adverse effects and with no more Covid cases than areas of severe lockdowns such as Ireland. The Irish media ignored this as it did not fit into the official narrative.

Demonising Media Propaganda

The Irish media ignored or demonised treatments other than the experimental vaccine such as Japan’s COVID-19 treatment plan which alongside the experimental vaccine names many different drugs for therapeutic treatment of the Coronavirus.  In the space of three weeks Japans daily case numbers dropped more than 70 percent. By October they were below 2000 daily and now – in late November – their rolling average is lower than New Zealand’s. Nobody in the Irish media mentions let alone examines this.

Suppressed News

In early June, Indonesia’s COVID-19 caseload was 5,000 per day. On June 12, the government banned the use of the ivermectin. The cases numbers then spiked to over 40,000 per day by July and 90,000 people died during this period.

Despite being banned, ivermectin remained in high demand. After the public and a number of top politicians supported the drug, the Indonesian government finally re-approved its use on July 15. The number of infections plummeted, going below 5,000 per day in October. Only 25.6 percent of Indonesia’s population was vaccinated as of Oct. 27. Did the Irish media report this? Hell no! It seems that Big Pharma decides the Irish policy in dealing with covid.

The Irish media collectively have utterly failed to investigate or report the financial interests and cosy connections that those in both medicine and politics have with the pharmaceutical industry who are making billions pushing a vaccine that doesn’t vaccinate, doesn’t prevent infection and doesn’t prevent its spreading unlike all other vaccines.

The Pride of the Skibbereen Eagle

The Irish media are now no more than government propaganda mouthpieces and unlike the Skibbereen Eagle they have no balance, no inquiry, no independence and as a result they have no integrity. The Irish People is not the Skibbereen Eagle but it intends to emulate its bold independent streak in the face of a sneering world with a consensus of falsehood presented as news. We have taken our name from the ‘Irish People’ of Charles Kickham and O’Donovan Rossa and we will endeavour to follow in their proud and independent nationalistic tradition in spite of the globalist agenda being foistered on us, indeed rammed down our throats by today’s Irish Media.

The Proud Ethos of the Irish People

We aspire to emulate the honesty and integrity of those great patriots who founded and published the original Irish People until its suppression and their incarceration. As much as possible we aim to redress the all pervading journalistic imbalance in Ireland by making today’s Irish People a reincarnation of the original Irish people fearlessly on the side of the Irish people and the Irish Nation.

In 1898, The Skibbereen Eagle, a local West Cork newspapers published in Skibbereen achieved international fame, ridicule and notoriety when it published a thundering editorial against the Tsar of Russia Nicholas II, condemning his expansionist designs on Chinese territory. The editorial ominously warned that The Skibbereen Eagle would be keeping an “eye” on the Tsar! We in the Irish People posthumously salute the Skibbereen Eagle.


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